The League’s most explosive dunker tells that if the powers that be want him there, he’ll take part in the aerial show. Giddy up: “ Tell us, right here and now, that you’re going to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest. BG: ‘That would be cool. If it’s something that the league wants me to do, I’ll probably try to do it.’ Do you already know what dunks you would do? BG: ‘Not really. I really don’t work on them a lot. If it turns out I’m going to do it, I’ll try to think of something creative.’ Dwight Howard has said he’s done with dunk contests, so you won’t have a chance to jump over him the way Nate Robinson did. Maybe you could bring Timofey Mozgov with you and re-create your dunk against the Knicks. By the way, you’re undefeated in these things, right? BG: ‘Yes. But I haven’t done one at a level as high as this one. I did the McDonald’s All-America contest when I was in high school. And I did a couple other small ones in Oklahoma.'”