If you navigate this site enough or read SLAM Magazine, you should know by now that we are teaming up with Red Bull, Converse, 24-Hour Fitness and 2K Sports to help bring the basketball world one of the dopest tournaments ever created. The King of the Rock one-on-one tourney, which has already kicked off its qualifying rounds, will culminate in a final round of 64 on the yard of the historic Alcatraz prison out in San Fran.

I found myself browsing redbullusa.com and came across a section titled “Holy Sh!t.” Naturally, I clicked and came across some pretty ridiculous videos. This was one of them and I know it has nothing to do with hoops. I like hoops, I like this… so I decided to share it with ya’ll… just cuz.



Annnnnnnd one more wingsuit vid for good measure. Even more nuts.