You probably know about Kevin Johnson. He’s the mayor of Sacramento, he jammed all over Hakeem, and he was good in the ’90s.

Correction: he was really good.

KJ served as Charles Barkley’s dynamite wingman for a few years and was a star in his own right. He averaged nearly 20 and 10 for nine seasons between 1988-97, and was huge during the Suns’ run to the Finals in ’93. You might call him an early version of the PGs we’re seeing today: 6-1 and unafraid to fly into the paint amongst the trees for a slam. Those Phoenix teams could never capture the title, but I think most dudes would settle for KJ’s resume.

Above, watch him pour in 38 against Mullin, C-Webb, Spree and the Dubs in Game 2 of their 1994 opening-round playoff series.