by Ryne Nelson

So you’re probably wondering… What was this USA Basketball Showcase? Well, it was a scrimmage featuring most of the America’s future stars. But there’s a bit more to it than that, actually.

Nineteen players (see the game’s box score below) played in front of the public at Valley HS in Las Vegas, NV. The game capped off a three-day minicamp… or try-outs, per se, for the 2010 USA Team.

The majority of the 2008 Olympic gold medal team is already committed to return for the 2010 World Championships, leaving only two or three spots to fill. Kevin Durant has all but made the team, so the competition, as you could imagine, was much stiffer than a regular pick-up game. A few cuts will be made before the season tips in November, and roughly 15 more players will be removed when next spring rolls around.

Onto the scrimmage — USA Blue won due to strong second- and third-quarter efforts and balanced scoring. USA White couldn’t come close in the end, despite a game-high 27-point performance from Rudy Gay. Speaking of game highs, Greg Oden impressed with 10 boards in 24 minutes (every second of which is apparently captured on streaming video here). Ronnie Brewer displayed his defensive acumen, amassing six steals off the bench, but showing (once again) little propensity to do much else.

Anthony Randolph was not to be denied his shine, despite playing a team-low in minutes (sound familiar?). He managed 8 jacks, 4 free-bes and 4 boards. He’s a player, and we’re hoping his inexperience is the only reason for his lack of burn. Lastly, for a poorly organized, but solid photo gallery, check this out.

Notable absentees: Blake Griffin (shoulder injury), Brandon Roy (contract), Rajon Rondo (attending a wedding).

USA Blue vs. USA White Box Score
USA Blue
Andre Iguodala*193-61-20-0013027
Brook Lopez*227-81-13-42401118
Kevin Durant*235-121-49-91840020
Russell Westbrook*203-51-20-0134307
Josh Smith*211-40-12-3162114
D.J. Augustin211-40-12-2011404
Kyle Korver225-112-50-01400312
Kevin Love172-50-10-0231204
Thaddeus Young196-90-10-01123012
Anthony Randolph164-81-13-41401012
USA White
Rudy Gay*2711-123-42-21423027
Jeff Green*252-81-43-4021108
O.J. Mayo*235-163-100-00240013
Greg Oden*243-60-01-23101117
Derrick Rose*283-70-10-0232006
JaVale McGee152-60-00-0030014
Ronnie Brewer254-71-22-41236011
Paul Millsap181-60-11-2141003
Eric Gordon150-40-22-2022012
Starters marked by asterisks (*).