Carmelo Anthony to Play Power Forward in OKC

by September 27, 2017

Carmelo Anthony doesn’t think it’s no big deal that he’ll be playing the power forward position in OKC this season—Melo says he’s been doing it his entire career.

(Just don’t ask the 10-time NBA All-Sta to come off the bench.)

The new-look Thunder will trot out a starting lineup of Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Andre Roberson, Paul George and Steven Adams.


“I’ve been playing the 4 almost all my career,” Anthony said. “Even in Denver, we was one of those teams with George Karl, kinda started going playing that small ball, putting me at the 4, picking up the pace. We kind of started that. And the league wasn’t ready for that at that time. It was all about traditional bigs and power forwards and centers. And now, it’s just whoever. You have 2-guards playing center now, guys 6-foot-5 playing center. So, it really doesn’t matter at what position it is, what spot out there, as long as you fill those spots, as long as you know the offense, as long as you execute, those positions, they don’t matter.”


A primary factor in Anthony’s willingness to make the full-time positional change is the roster around him.


“I have no problem with playing the 4,” Anthony said. “I actually like that, I actually embrace that. And for this team, I think it will be better.”


Anthony’s size, physicality and shooting ability makes him a natural fit for the modern day NBA power forward. Plus, with Roberson and George’s versatility, along with Adams’ rim protection and athleticism, the Thunder will possess plenty of positional flexibility and defensive switch-ability.

Carmelo Anthony Says Thunder Was β€˜The Perfect Fit For Me’