Carmelo Anthony, despite the apparent lack of progress in trade talks, sounds ready to leave New York behind.

Melo, however, says he’ll always have a connection to Gotham no matter how things end with the Knicks.

The franchise has made it abundantly clear that their future plans do not include the perennial NBA All-Star.

Per the NY Daily News (via SI):

“It don’t feel like 6-and-a-half years,” Anthony begins. “It’s a long time, it’s a long time.”


Near the end, however, Anthony hints that the most recent chapter of his NBA career is nearing its end.


“I’ll always be a part of this community, regardless of where I’m at,” he said. “I will always come back here, I will always have business here, I will always have family here.


“Those things will never change, so I will always be tied to New York.”

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