The Chicago Bulls have signed point guard Marquis Teague to his rookie contract, making him the last first-round selection to sign a deal. The Bulls, who now have 13 players on their roster, will pay the luxury tax for the first time in franchise history next season. has the details: “The Indianapolis native will receive 100 percent of his $857,000 rookie-scale deal in his first season, as opposed to the 120 percent typical of most rookie contracts.¬†As first reported by, Teague’s deal was likely delayed due to the Bulls’ desire to stay under the NBA’s ‘hard’ salary cap.¬†However, even with Teague, the younger brother of Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague, taking less money in his first year — he will receive 120 percent of his salary in the final two seasons of his rookie contract — the Bulls will not be able to sign even another minimum-salary veteran player without exceeding the hard cap.”