Kaman became the second member of the Clippers organization this season to let it be publicly known that Griffin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. From the LA Times: “I told Blake, ‘You might as well buy a house, buddy. You’re going to be here six more years,’ Kaman said Sunday before the Clippers-Toronto Raptors game. ;Any time you’re a restricted free agent, the team has a second option, you don’t lose a player like Blake Griffin. You just don’t.’ Inevitably, Griffin is often asked by a reporter on the road, say, for example, would he like to eventually play for Houston? (That did not happen in Toronto, for the record.) ‘He really doesn’t have much of a choice whether he wants to be here or not,’ Kaman said. ‘You can’t have someone write a story in the paper saying they [the Clippers] lost Blake Griffin … that’s so far down the road, who knows what will happen?'”