The Rockets have completely overhauled their roster over the last three seasons, but GM Daryl Morey still doesn’t believe they’re one of the League’s top few teams… yet. Appearing on a Houston radio station, Morey had this to say: “’I think there are probably at least three teams better than us if not more… Until you’re going into a season felling like you are the top one or two I think it’s, and we haven’t really accomplished anything, I think it’s hard to talk about ‘hey we’re one of the favorites to win the championship.’  But I do think we go in with a chance, where as we haven’t in the last few years… I think [Miami, San Antonio and OKC], I would say going in for sure are better than us, and they’ve definitely proven more. I think the Bulls and the Pacers they’re very good as well this year.  I am hoping we are in the mix with them, maybe equal quality.’”