In this past week’s “Where Are They Now” issue of Sports Illustrated, retired NBA player Detlemf Schrempf talked about basketball players, the NBA and wealth management: “By day Schrempf is the director of business development at Coldstream Capital, a wealth-management firm in the Seattle area, where he has resided since 1980. ‘I always had an interest in other things [besides basketball] and in putting some money to work,’ he says. But, Schrempf urges young athletes, you don’t need to have a professional’s head for business to have a sense of your personal finances. ‘I always tell them to [realize that] the one contract they get might be their last,’ he says, adding that the league and the players’ association should bear more responsibility for educating its members. ‘[Players should] actually go online and see where their money is. Most of them don’t deal with it.'”