People close to LeBron James expect Dwyane Wade to join the Cavaliers at some point this season, according to Joe Vardon of

Wade and the Bulls could reach a buyout within the next few months, which would allow Wade to join LeBron in Cleveland.

Via the Wine and Gold Talk podcast (starting at 34:45):

“As of right now, people close to James are fairly confident that, at some point this year, Dwyane Wade is going to end up on the Cavs.” […]


“If Dwyane is healthy and he and LeBron are playing great together and they go on this crazy playoff run. That matters [in LeBron’s 2018 free agency].” […]


“The bottom line is that there’s no decision that has been made.”

Report: Dwyane Wade, Bulls Expect Buyout Within a ‘Few Months’