The online trash talking with Kevin Durant isn’t part of some covert Gatorade promotional stunt, Dwyane Wade claims. The Heat superstar says the exchange was sincere. Per the Miami Herald: “Asked Thursday night if Durant’s comment that James Harden should replace Wade on Sports Illustrated’s list of the Top 10 players was uncalled for, Wade said: ‘Everyone has an opinion. We’re in an age now where everyone uses their opinion. That was it. He had an opinion. I had a response.’ Asked if their exchange was a joke, he smiled and said, ‘No.’ To refresh for those who might have missed it: Wade responded to Durant’s comment on Tuesday night by tweeting: ‘Note to self – make him respect your place in history… again… Don’t believe me. Just watch.’ To which Durant responded: ‘Show me. Don’t tweet me.’ Harden told Comcast SportsNet in Houston today that he believes the Wade/Durant exchange was genuine. […] Rockets center Dwight Howard said: ‘I told James [to] just stay away from [getting involved in the Wade/Durant back and forth]. We do our talking on the floor.'”