Pop continues to explain away the Spurs’ stunning success this season with humor and repeated warnings that their good fortune could turn on a dime. The Star-Ledger reports: “It was 42 days ago, at Madison Square Garden, when Gregg Popovich had his back pressed against a wall by the media horde and declared that the 29-4 pace his San Antonio Spurs had set was not likely to hold up — no way, no how, no chance, and let’s talk a month or two from now. So now Pop’s team is 46-9, which is still obscene, and nobody really knows how high is up. ‘I just assumed it probably wouldn’t last — the record was too good, and a lot of teams were injured, and we’ve been lucky that way, we haven’t had any super (serious) injuries or anything,’ the coach said. ‘But now we’re X games beyond that — maybe close to two-thirds through — and we still have a pretty good record. I keep waiting for the hammer to fall — somebody get injured, and we lose five of seven or something like that. But so far that hasn’t happened.'”