After helping the Cleveland Cavaliers reach the NBA Finals, J.R. Smith posted an Instagram image of him and teammate Iman Shumpert with the caption: “One Man’s Trash. Another Man’s Treasure.”

It was a reference to his trade from the New York Knicks, which Smith was initially hurt by.

In the end, J.R. realized he was being freed from a terrible situation and is now playing for a title.

Per the NY Post:

Asked if the post indicated he felt discarded, Smith said, “Absolutely, to hear I was a throw-in to the trade just to get you off the books and for us to go over there and thrive, I think that’s absolutely how I feel.”


The Knicks pawned off Smith to create $6 million more in cap space this summer and now he’s playing like the Sixth Man of the Year — an award he won in 2013. There was a report the Cavs were forced to take Smith otherwise the Knicks wouldn’t give up Shumpert, which sources have indicated is exaggerated.


Smith’s buddy Carmelo Anthony still is in his ear. […] “I’ve been talking to him more now than when we were in New York,” Smith said.