As he toils away on an underwhelming Houston Rockets team, the hype surrounding Linsanity has died down considerably. According to Jeremy Lin, though, one day he will become a star again, and play in the NBA’s ultimate showcase game. Per ESPN: “Asked in a phone interview whether he still believes he will become an All-Star, Lin said, ‘At some point, for sure. Right now I have a ways to go, but at some point, yes. I try to get better every year, and if I do that and work on the things that are problems for me right now, I definitely think I’ll have that chance.’ On Friday night in Houston, Lin will have a chance to shake off his early-season struggles and remind the Knicks of what they had together across last season’s magical midwinter run. Not that the Rockets’ 24-year-old playmaker sees Mike Woodson’s 8-1 team as one in need of another dose of Linsanity. ‘I think they’re definitely a championship-contending team,’ Lin said. ‘They have the defense, Coach [Mike] Woodson’s specialty. They’re really deep, they have a lot of explosive players, and right now they’re trusting each other and trusting the system.’ […] If point guards are to be judged like quarterbacks, it’s worth noting Felton also is running an 8-1 team while Lin is out of the wild-card picture at 4-7. But then again, Lin is four years younger than Raymond Felton and tantamount to a rookie quarterback. ‘I’ve started [36] games now, and that’s not even half a season,’ Lin said. ‘I think that’s something I need to remember. … I have to be patient with myself, and understand there’s been a lot of change in my life and with this Houston team. We can’t expect it all to fall into place. It’s going to take some time.'”