Kendrick Perkins and Scott Brooks put to bed the critical comments made by the OKC Thunder big fella after their Game 4 loss. From “They were up 23-12 when Brooks decided to go small, subbing Derek Fisher in for Perkins. And that seemed to be what Perkins was upset about. The OKC small lineups were a plus-3 in the final 3:17 of that first quarter, but Brooks played small the entire second quarter, which the Heat won 27-16. In total, the Thunder played big for just 14 minutes on Tuesday. They were a plus-4 in those 14 minutes, but that includes the hot start. In the third quarter, the Thunder starters were outscored 18-11 in five minutes. And they never played big after that. ‘I don’t think the game comes down to who plays and who doesn’t play,’ Brooks said Wednesday. ‘It’s how we play.’ […] ‘We’re going to roll with whatever Coach does,’ Perkins said. ‘If he wants to go with a big lineup, we’re going to support that. If he wants to go with a small lineup with one big, we’re going to support that. At the end of the day, it’s about sacrificing and getting a win. We’re all on the same page, and we’re pulling for each other, and we’ve all just got one goal, to sacrifice and come and play.'”