Kevin Durant: James Harden’s Turn to Win MVP

by April 03, 2018

According to Kevin Durant, it is James Harden‘s turn to win the NBA’s most valuable player award.

Durant says Harden’s time to win the League’s highest individual honor has arrived.

Per The Athletic:

“It’s his turn,” Kevin Durant told The Athletic recently. “Just give it to him. It’s his time to win it.”

Harden is on the cusp of joining two of his former OKC Thunder teammates—Durant back in 2014 and Russell Westbrook last season—as an MVP.

“You got three dudes who really care about basketball. You can’t win no MVP if you don’t care about the game. And when I say care, I mean really put the work in on the craft,” Durant said.

“I remember trying to beat Russell to the gym. I’ve told you that story. I remember working out in the summer time with James, 6 in the morning, really just getting together to work on our basketball games, work on our skills, wanting to beat the best.”