Kevin Durant: When I Step On The Court, Opposing Fans ‘Fear Me’

by March 06, 2018

Kevin Durant doesn’t care that sharing the spotlight with Stephen Curry may hurt his chances of claiming another MVP trophy.

As the nine-time All-Star told Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports, the fans know how good he is, regardless of the individual awards:

“Awards don’t mean anything, for one. You can still be an MVP-caliber player and not win MVP, in my opinion,” Durant told Yahoo Sports. “I know how good I am. Everybody in this league knows how good I am. All the fans know. No matter how much they try to deny it, or hate, or tell you anything different. They know when I step on the court, they fear me, as fans of the game. I’m not saying my opponents fear me, but when I get a wide-open shot, I hear the crowd. Before I shoot it, I hear. They all respect it. But obviously, the move that I made [to join Golden State], people that — they enjoy competition, whatever they call that, or suspense in the basketball game — they didn’t like it. So anything to take a shot at me here and there, I knew it was coming. The MVP I got, I experienced that already. That’s what I’m about, I want to experience things. I experienced what that’s like. Let’s move on. What’s next for me?”

The 29-year-old Durant finished ninth in MVP voting last year.

Over 55 games this season, he is averaging 26.1 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 5.4 assists.

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