Klay Thompson Says He Could Have Scored 80 Points

by December 06, 2016

Klay Thompson wishes he hadn’t sat out the entire fourth quarter Monday night, believing he could have scored 80 points.

Klay had to settle for a mere 60 points in the Golden State Warriors’ 142-106 beatdown of the visiting Indiana Pacers.

Thompson’s old man was mad he didn’t reach 70, while teammate Kevin Durant also believes 80 was in play for the other Splash Bro.

Per the SF Chronicle:

When Thompson was 15, his father had two tickets to a Raptors-Lakers game at Staples Center. Thompson didn’t go, in part because Vince Carter was no longer with Toronto.


It was a decision he has long regretted: On that night, he missed (Kobe) Bryant scoring 81 points in 42 minutes. Thompson, with 60 points in 29 minutes Monday, was on pace for 87 in 42.


“It’s a feat I never really thought I could do growing up,” Thompson said.