Kobe Bryant Narrates ‘Dear Basketball’

by September 05, 2017

Kobe Bryant made a surprise appearance Friday night at the Hollywood Bowl, stepping on stage to narrate his “Dear Basketball” poem during a performance by the legendary composer John Williams.

Bryant’s letter, which he wrote after deciding to announce his retirement from the NBA two years ago, has been animated and set to music by Williams.

Per the OC Register:

He explained Friday that years ago he got a message that Bryant wanted to meet with him, but Williams said he barely had watched basketball on any level. Bryant, however, wanted to talk about the creative process, as well as his daughters’ love of Williams’ “Harry Potter” music.


Williams said that much later, after Bryant retired with his 60-point farewell, Bryant reached out again to tell him that “Dear Basketball” had been animated and could use a little music.


The Southern California crowd already was buzzing but turned mostly ecstatic when Williams introduced his guest narrator: Bryant.

Kobe Bryant Turning His Retirement Poem into Animated Film