Kobe Bryant Performs Slam Poem About Steve Urkel

by April 25, 2017

Kobe Bryant is now a slam poet.

The NBA legend was Jimmy Fallon’s guest Monday on “The Tonight Show,” and he mimicked the voices of Steve Urkel, the popular 90s “Family Matters” sitcom character.

Bryant also talked about his kids ignoring his hoops tips.

Kobe even submitted to an interview with a very young reporter.

Per the LA Daily News:

Perhaps none of this should be surprising. Bryant is an avid Harry Potter and Star Wars fan. He shared with Jimmy Fallon that he frequently watches Disney’s “Stuck in the Middle” with his family. And he sang songs from “Moano” and “Beauty and the Beast” on Fallon’s show.


That persona may not exactly match his Bryant’s on-court demeanor. But just like in his playing days, Bryant still remains devoted toward attention to detail and being theatrical.

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