Kobe Bryant Taught Kevin Durant to Shoot ‘Every Time You Touch the Ball’

by August 24, 2017

Kevin Durant has long idolized Kobe Bryant, who imparted on him some important basketball lessons: namely, to shoot the rock every time one gets it.

KD thinks of The Black Mamba as a basketball deity.

Durant told the story of the first time he met Kobe as a wide-eyed 18-year-old, and says the experience was “surreal.”

Per Silver Screen and Roll:

“I don’t remember the conversation but I can remember that I was very very… I was shaking. Kobe is a god to me, basketball-wise. So just to see him actually know my name at that time… I was 18… it was surreal,” Durant said of his first time meeting Bryant.


It’s a pretty cool admission from Durant, and came with a great kicker. The one thing he learned from Kobe?


“Every time you touch the ball, shoot it.”

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