LeBron James: ‘There Isn’t Anything I Have Left to Prove’

by May 08, 2017

LeBron James knows he has nothing left to prove as a basketball player, but he’s sure playing like there is.

Prior to leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a four-game sweep of the Toronto Raptors, James talked about how his legacy is secure.

The 32-year-old future Hall of Famer is putting up 34.4 points, nine rebounds and 7.1 assists through eight postseason battles, all wins for the defending NBA champs.

Per the NEOMG:

“What else do I have to prove?” James told cleveland.com Friday, after the Cavs had just ripped the Raptors’ souls out of their chests in Game 3, 115-94. James scored 35 points in the game, 13 in the fourth quarter.


“Seriously, what else would I have [to do]?” James said. “I’ve won championships, I won my first one and I’ve won for my teammates, I came home and won. There isn’t anything I have left to prove.”


James knows he has answered every question, met every challenge to define his legacy as one of the NBA’s very best. But if it sounds like James is on his way out of basketball, he isn’t. Not even close. Nor is he playing like it.

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