LeBron James Kicked Andre Iguodala in the Groin During Game 3

by June 08, 2017
lebron james iguodala kick

Late in Game 3, LeBron James was stripped by Andre Iguodala. As James reached for the ball, he flailed his foot, which connected with Iguodala’s groin.

The play—which looked very similar to any one of Draymond Green’s infamous leg kicks—went unnoticed by the referees as the final seconds ticked away in Golden State’s 118-113 victory.


On Thursday, Iguodala’s former teammate Marreese Speights drew attention to the play with a friendly joke with an ironic aftertaste.

“Hopefully you can have more kids,” Speights tweeted.

Should the NBA discipline LeBron for his late-game kick? Let us know in the comments.

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