Report: LeBron James Sued For Allegedly Stealing Barbershop Show Idea

by April 17, 2018

LeBron James is being sued by Adventure Enterprises for allegedly stealing their idea for a television show, according to a TMZ report.

Adventure Enterprises claims that they pitched a program called “Shop Talk” to LeBron’s company UNINTERRUPTED a few years ago. The show would be set in a barbershop and include a discussion about business among celebrity figures:

The company claims it had numerous talks about the idea with LeBron’s company, UNINTERRUPTED, over a period of 2 years … fleshing out the idea and figuring out a strategy for pitching it to various networks.

According to the lawsuit, LeBron went and cut Adventure Enterprises out of the picture and created a ripoff show called “The Shop,” featuring LeBron in a barbershop with his contemporaries, “while engaging in an intimate conversation describing cultural experiences.” The show aired as a webisode.

The lawsuit further asserts that when confronted about it, UNINTERRUPTED assured Adventure Enterprises that the program would not run again. But subsequent episodes have aired, including a segment on ESPN.

A source close to LeBron and his business partner, Maverick Carter, told TMZ that the suit is “totally frivolous and publicity seeking.”

In early April, UNINTERRUPTED actually sent the University of Alabama a letter expressing concerns over copyright infringement after the school debuted a similar show also called “Shop Talk.”

LeBron James’ Uninterrupted Accuses Alabama of Copyright Infringement