If you look closely at the Sports Illustrated cover this week featuring LeBron James, the 2016 Sportsperson of the Year, you’ll spot a safety pin on the lapel of his immaculate cream-colored jacket.

The pin is a symbol of solidarity among those who fear disenfranchisement in a Donald Trump-led America.

James recently said he hopes Trump becomes a great president, for everyone’s sake.

Per the AP:

No, James isn’t suffering some sort of wardrobe malfunction. Since last month’s presidential election, the safety pin has become a symbol of solidarity with those Americans who fear they’ll be disenfranchised by a Donald Trump presidency. The pin is intended to show that the wearer is a safe person to turn to.


James campaigned for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the days before the vote. During a recent road trip, James opted to stay elsewhere than the team’s official Trump-branded hotel in New York. He called the decision a personal preference.

LeBron James: ‘Don’t Lose a Bit of Faith’