Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban doesn’t shy away from the debate surrounding Human Growth Hormone. Cubes fully embraces it; in fact, he wants to learn as much about the benefits of HGH as possible. Per the Dallas Morning News:

The Mavericks’ owner said before Thursday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers that he is investing “more than the [NBA] minimum salary” to fund the two-year study.

“I want to find out,” Cuban said. “I just want to know what reality is. And if we can improve recovery time, obviously that’s a plus for all of us. There was never any basis in fact for not allowing it for use [while recovering from injuries]. So let’s find out.

“Let’s find out what’s real and not real. If it turns out to have no impact, OK. If it turns out to have a negative impact, OK. If it turns out to have a positive impact, OK. There’s not an outcome they’re trying to get to.”

The fact-finding mission is something Cuban has been considering for months. He’s been a proponent of the potential benefits of HGH when used in appropriate ways. He believes athletes could spend less time recovering from injuries.

“It’ll be geared around one type of injury that has hundreds of thousands of examples a year,” he said, electing not to discuss details of what the injury would be an which doctors and scientists are involved. “So we’ll be able to do a placebo environment without hurting anybody, right? So here’s the way we do it now. And here’s how we do it with HGH. So hopefully it will accelerate recovery.

“We have to get permission, that’s why I don’t want to go into all the details. We have to get FDA permission, but there’s no reason not to approve it because nobody gets hurt by it. It’s not long-term usage. It’s X number of weeks. When you’re done with it, what was the benefit?”

The idea is that muscle mass would be increased with HGH before a surgical procedure and would be quicker to recover after any operations with the help of HGH.