Going into his second season with the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson won’t be making the same rookie coaching mistake again, by guaranteeing a Playoff berth. Jackson, though, is optimistic about his team. Per the Mercury News: “Training camp opens next week, there are talented new Warriors players, big hopes, tickets to sell, and renewed signs of life. Hey, isn’t it time for Mark Jackson to promise a playoff berth this season? ‘No, I’m not going to say it,’ the Warriors coach shot back quickly and seriously as he sat in a team conference room Wednesday. ‘Not because I don’t believe it, but ultimately there comes a point where, enough of the talking, go out and do it.’ Maybe this is a signal that things are clarifying for Jackson, who opened his rookie coaching season by loudly and inaccurately claiming that the Warriors were set to make the postseason. […] But given the additions of Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Jarrett Jack and others, shouldn’t the Warriors be playoff-worthy this season? ‘I certainly hope so,’ Jackson said. ‘Certainly hope so.’ And that was the general theme of Jackson’s 55-minute pre-camp session with several local reporters: Everything is trending to the good, but not so good that the coach is ready to guarantee anything.”