As one might expect, OKC Thunder fans are enraged at Patrick Beverley given that Russell Westbrook hurt his knee when the young Rockets guard went for a steal as Russ prepared to call a timeout in Game 2. Beverley and teammate James Harden feel awful about what happened, but both say there was no malicious intent with Beverley’s aggressive play. Per the Houston Chronicle: “A lot of people do it throughout the league. I don’t go out to try and hurt anybody. I tried to make a play on the ball … ‘It’s an unfortunate situation. You hate to see anyone like that go out. He’s an All Star, a top-3 point guard in the NBA.’ […] Harden on injury: ‘Sad, sad story.’ Of Beverly play: ‘When opponents think a team is going to call time, a guy is going to go for the steal … That happened in so many occasions, not just last game. It happened in so many years in the league.'”