Paul Pierce: Kevin Durant Joined ‘Bully’s Gang’

by May 31, 2017

Paul Pierce is still bothered by Kevin Durant’s controversial decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors last summer as an unrestricted free agent.

Pierce hilariously likens KD’s move to joining the “bully’s gang.”

“I’m just not built like that — I’m not a guy who goes into neighborhood, gets beat up by the bully’s gang and then now I want to join your gang? That’s just not me,” Pierce said on ESPN.


“I want to fight. Let’s go. I’m going to stand up for myself — and that’s just the competitive nature of where I come from and the era I grew up in.”

Durant, meanwhile, has his hands full trying to figure out a way to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

Per the Mercury News:

After the Cleveland Cavaliers stopped guarding Harrison Barnes in last year’s NBA Finals and simply dared him to shoot, will the Warriors be a tougher defensive matchup this year with Durant taking Barnes’ place in the starting lineup?


“You think so?,” Durant asked back when posed that question on Tuesday after practice.


“They stepped it up a level in the playoffs defensively,” Durant said of the Cavaliers. “They’re familiar with this team.


“It’s not a like there’s going to be a lot of wide open shots out there, but if we move the basketball and move our bodies, I think anybody can find a crack in the defense or some space to make a shot. But we’ve just got to take care of the basketball.”

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