Post Up: Hope in Houston

by January 24, 2016

Rockets 115 (24-22), Mavericks 104 (25-21)

James Harden dropped his second triple-double of the season (this time with 23 points, 15 rebounds and 10 dimes) and Trevor Ariza contributed a season-high 29 points. The Rockets needed all of that without Dwight Howard in the lineup, since on the other side Chandler Parsons was going ham: 31 points after consecutive performances with 30 and 26. Dude’s on fire. BTW—Josh Smith fitting in nicely back in H-Town, huh?

Raptors 112 (29-15), Clippers 94 (28-16)

That’s 8 in a row for the Raps. And damn, they straight up blitzed the Clippers on Sunday. Chris Paul delivered his normal stats (23 points, 11 dimes) and DeAndre Jordan was good (15 points, 13 boards) but Toronto had seven players in double figures, with everyone pitching in to the W, led by none other than Kyle Lowry with 21 (plus 6 and 4). Beast.

Celtics 112 (24-21), Sixers 92 (6-39)

Under weird circumstances—the Celtics didn’t arrive in Philly until literally Sunday morning because of the snowstorm on the East Coast—Boston made quick work of the Sixers. They were up by 15 at half and didn’t look back, led by 20 points apiece from Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder.

Nets 116 (12-33), Thunder 106 (33-13)

What the… While most folks were watching Cam Newton, a really weird game went down in Brooklyn, as the Nets beat the Thunder, snapping OKC’s 7-game winning streak. The game was delayed for 4 hours due to the snow. But like, seriously: How do you lose when KD has 32, 10 and 7 and Westbrook has 27, 11 and 7?? Granted, no Steven Adams meant Brook Lopez was free to go for a season-high 31 points, plus 10 rebounds. But still, weird.

Nets’ team Twitter account might maybe have to chill, though: