Several names—including, but not limited to, Phil Jackson and Shaquille O’Neal—have been tossed around in regards to the vacant GM job in Orlando. Today, another name surfaced as a possible Otis Smith replacement: former NBA executive and current ESPN Analyst, Tom Penn. ESPN has the details: “Penn, who declined to comment, has served in the front offices of both the Portland Trail Blazersand Memphis Grizzlies. [He] has a legal and financial background. Increasingly, NBA teams are giving that kind of experience more weight than having played in the league when hiring front-office personnel. Penn worked for seven seasons (2000-2007) as both legal counsel and assistant general manager for the Grizzlies and then three seasons as assistant GM with the Blazers. While with Portland, Penn helped the team pare a bloated payroll while remaining competitive but shedding their “JailBlazers” image. Penn also has some experience as a player agent.”