Russell Westbrook Thought He Was the Last All-Star Pick

by January 26, 2018

Russell Westbrook initially thought LeBron James had picked him last for his NBA All-Star team, and as one might have guessed, Westbrook was not exactly thrilled.

Carmelo Anthony made sure to needle his teammate over the perceived slight before reporters assured him the list was simply alphabetical.

Russ took his frustration out on the Washington Wizards last night, erupting for 46 points on 19-of-29 shooting.


“But I see I was the last pick on the list — I was just trying to figure out how …” Westbrook said, referring to a list tweeted out by James.


Informed it was just in alphabetical order, an incredulous Westbrook yelled back at Anthony, “See, I told you, man! Alphabetical order, man! Of course I was first!” Westbrook walked away laughing, continuing on with Anthony, “Of course! What you talking about?”