And another one. Dallas Mavericks forward Shawn Marion is currently preparing to close out the Oklahoma City Thunder, but come next month he’ll be busy shooting a pilot for his reality TV show. From TMZ: “Marion’s shooting a pilot for a reality TV show right around the same time the Mavs crush Miami in the NBA finals (if there is a God). It’s tentatively called “The Ladies in My Life” — and big surprise, it’s all about Shawn and the important women in his day-to-day … including his mom, sisters and publicist. One of the featured family members is Shawn’s twin sister Shawnett — who’s 6-feet tall and can DUNK a basketball!!  Oh, we almost forgot — the show is being filmed in the NBA star’s 14,000 square foot Dallas mansion.  All it’s missing now … A CHAMPIONSHIP RING, BABY!”