Stephen Curry Double-Dribbled to Shake LeBron James in Game 2

by June 06, 2017

The defining play of the Warriors’ Game 2 win in the NBA Finals, was that of Stephen Curry shaking and baking LeBron James on his way to the hoop.

Upon closer inspection, however, it’s clear that Curry got away with a double-dribble to free himself from James.

Steph says that he felt like a “chicken with his head cut off” on the memorable possession.


“It was a big moment,” Curry said of his basket that put the Warriors up 10 with less than nine minutes left in the third. “It was a momentum swing.”


After the game, Curry credited James for playing good defense, and said whenever you’re facing a defender of his caliber, you have to do something special to score.


“For the most part, you can’t focus on like you’re on the playground,” Curry said. “It’s just y’all two out there. That doesn’t do you any good in those situations.”