Stephen Curry Says He Didn’t Mock LeBron James With Dance

by August 02, 2017

A clip of Stephen Curry perfoming his own version of the #LeBronChallenge at a wedding made the rounds on the Internet this week, and with Kyrie Irving looking on and laughing, people assumed Curry was making fun of LeBron James.

Not so, says Steph.

Curry explains that he’s obsessed with LeBron’s video, and that this was some kind of homage.

Per The Athletic:

What was Curry doing? He was doing his rendition of the #LeBronChallenge. Last month, LeBron posted a video of himself during a workout rapping along to the hit “First Day Out” by Tee Grizzley. The video was funny enough to go viral and people started posting their own version and giving it that hashtag.


“I’ve been watching that video twice a day since it happened because its my favorite video in the entire world,” Curry said. “He made a song popular by making a video. And that lives. So now every time I hear that song, that’s all I think about. And I’ve been doing that dance because of him, at my house, at dinner. When something good happens, I pull that out, because I like it and it makes me laugh and it makes me happy. Not making fun of him.”


Curry’s rendition went viral and became the latest edition in the rivalry between he and LeBron, the Warriors and the Cavaliers. Fanning those flames was the presence of Irving.


“One thousand percent,” Curry said. “That was just a casualty of the moment because me and him were hanging out all night. Then that song came on and I was having a good time. Obviously, that’s a separate side story to their relationship, but neither one of us was trying to clown him.”