Joakim Noah’s cardigan hoodie and skinny jeans were apparently in violation of the NBA’s dress code, and he was asked to change into a more League-approved outfit. Per ESPN: “Noah, who missed his third consecutive game because of plantar fasciitis in his right foot, was sitting on the bench wearing a grey sweater, a black blazer and jeans before being asked to change. After the Bulls’ 111-101 defeat, Noah said wasn’t quite sure what the league was upset about regarding his wardrobe. ‘I don’t even know really,’ Noah said. ‘They told me I wasn’t dressed appropriately so I changed.’ During the game Noah was taking taunts from fans in stride including one fan who barked out, ‘Hey Noah, nice skinny jeans!’ Noah responded by giving the fan a thumbs up. Noah admitted that it was the first time in a while he was dressed in that kind of attire. ‘That’s not really my style,’ he said.”