No. 34 David Lee

David LeeThe ‘08-09 and ‘09-10 seasons have been something else for the power forward, as he undeniably picked up an edge to his game while playing under the bright lights at MSG every night. He started to look much more comfortable and each time people expected his production to slow down, it simply got better.

Sure, he was playing in Mike D’Antoni’s signature system that doesn’t exactly concentrate on the defensive end. But dude has done exactly what was asked of him in the situation that he was placed in and there’s nothing more you can ask of somebody. The past few seasons Lee has noticeably improved his back to the basket game, pick-and-roll game and has become a more than reliable threat from as far out as 20 feet, especially near the top of the key.

While playing an average 36 minutes a night for the past two seasons Lee has averaged 18 points and 11.7 boards, in the process helping to keep the Knicks from slipping all the way to the cellar of the Eastern Conference, but most importantly giving Knicks fans somebody that they could count on showing up every single day.

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