No. 20 Carlos Boozer

Carlos BoozerCarlos Boozer knows he has his critics and acknowledged as much at media day. One of the things he said he was most looking forward to was being able to silence them this season. Of the questions regarding his leadership ability and his attitude, the single biggest knock on him throughout his career has been his health and how seemingly fragile he is (score another one for the critics). It’s worth noting that in eight years in the NBA Boozer has already missed a total of 146 games. Once he does return to action (he’s expected to be out at least 15 games), he’ll have basically missed two full seasons going into his ninth year as a professional, mostly due to injury.

When healthy, Carlos Boozer is one of the best power forwards in the game today. He has good size, he’s a good passer for a big man, he possesses tremendous skills around the basket with the ability to finish with either hand, and when it comes to rebounding, there are few guys in the NBA that can do it like Booz. But Bulls fans already know this and they aren’t trying to hear any of that right now; they want to see it.

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