Recently retired Tracy McGrady continues to make his media rounds. When asked about how he stacked up against Kobe Bryant during his prime, T-Mac says he fared quite well. McGrady also added that had he gotten a chance to play alongside Shaquille O’Neal, their relationship would have been a lot better. Per Fox Sports (via Larry Brown Sports): “Numbers don’t lie. I was in the conversation of being one of the best in the league,’ McGrady said on Wednesday. ‘Whether I was better than Kobe, or he was better than me … I was in the conversation and it didn’t matter at the time. I was playing at a high level and was very confident when I was on the court.’ […] ‘We would have had a great run,’ he said when asked about Shaq. ‘I don’t know how many (championships we would’ve won) but, I know it would have never ended like it did with he and Kobe. I have a great relationship with Shaq. We would have never clashed heads like that. Two Alpha dogs going at there will always be (something going on).'”