When Bosh Became CB4

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This is Chris Bosh when he first became the player we know today. Sure, he was an All-Star the season prior, but when when 2007 rolled around Chris Bosh made a resolution to be great. The most notable difference in appearance are his braid, which are nothing but tiny pegs. They say you know a man made a change in his life if he changes his hair. Well, the change worked so well, Bosh had to continue growing the locks. It’s his reminder of when he figured it all out–when he took that step into the NBA’s elite. After missing most of December, Bosh stepped his game up from nice to nasty. Jan. 2007 (the month of this shoot) CB4 absolutely popped off, recording his first monthly average of 25 ppg. He’s been doing it ever since. This was just the beginning.