Each night of the NBA season matters but some nights matter more than others. To celebrate the most exciting nights of NBA basketball, DraftStreet is hosting a $500,000 Fantasy Basketball Championship.

$500,000 in prizes are guaranteed and the 1st place prize is $100,000. All you have to do to qualify is win a single Daily Fantasy Basketball league.

Three contestants have already qualified, and 27 spots remain. You have what it takes. Draft your NBA team and become a Fantasy Basketball Legend.

SJS1890 Qualified on November 15 for $22. He’s going to draft for a shot at $100,000

Your opportunity comes Wednesday to qualify for the Championship Final and the $100,000 Grand Prize for the lowest entry of $22. There are 13 NBA games Wednesday to draft players from.

To submit a valid roster you must draft: 3 Guards, 3 Forwards,1 Center, 1 Utility player

All while staying under the $100,000 salary cap. Salaries are set based on the Player’s projected fantasy points that night.

SLAM Top Fantasy Prospects for Games Wednesday Nov 27:

If you are interested but want to enter Free, you can win a $22 Qualifying Voucher by drafting a free team at DraftStreet. Draft your team for games Friday November 29 and then enter the Qualifier on Wednesday, December 11. Draft your Free team here.