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Sadly, this is NOT our next cover

But go ‘head and download it as if it were….

By Ben Osborne

Next issue will be on stands next week and covered here on the site by Lang Tuesday. In the meantime, imagine that someone in the SLAM family (besides occasional contributor Branden Peters) had enough faith in G State to give the Warriors some front-page love. Hopefully this effort (thanks to art director Melissa Brennan for creating her third SLAM cover of the month) helps makes amends for our gross miscalculations.

If you want to download this “cover” to use as a desktop image or whatever, simply click here.

And Warrior fans, enjoy the spotlight; y’all deserve it. And, given how plodding and shaky both the Jazz and Rockets are, don’t be surprised to see Warrior Mania last into the WC Finals.

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  • http://mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    That is great. Although and angry Cuban face, or Nellie with a beer would’ve been just as good…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Khalid Salaam

    Just put it like this. I don’t believe in jinxes, curses or any magical bs, but the slam cover jinx is that sh**!…..

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    That’s a dope cover. Also, I recommend everyone go back and read the posts on Branden’s column, which Ben links to. In particular, I’d like to answer the question posed by my MAIN man Bodie Barnett: “Everyone.”

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Oh, and congrats, BP. As someone who completely bailed on his NBA team, I commend your sticking with it and reaping the long-overdue glory.

  • http://myspace.com/bodiebarnett jbn74sb

    Ryan – Yeah.

  • http://slamonline.com mutoni

    ah, hindsight. ridiculously dope cover design, melissa!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Especially since she probably did it in like 15 minutes. Melissa is like Tim Hardaway, in that she has “skeeels,” although I don’t think she hates gay people. If you graduate from art school, I don’t think you’re allowed to.

  • http://slamonline.com Edown

    It’s not quite Mountain in the paint with the elbows extended but that is a lasting image all its own…

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    I think it took Melissa 7 minutes, actually. Sam and I worked on the lines for longer than she needed to design it.

  • http://xxlmag.com The World Famous BP

    It feels great. What away to close out the Mav’s. Houston or Utah will have a tough time with the squad. Snoop, Santana, Owen Wilson, they must all be slamonline readers they heeded the call. Showtime has officially moved up North. But I’m coining the phrase GoTime for the Warriors because if you knew or not in the Bay We Go.

    Western conference finals or Bust.

  • http://www.zio.ch/sports Darksaber

    Now thats gangsta. I’m sure Omar would approve.

  • GCM

    guys i couldn’t get the cover… is it me or something? thanks…

  • Clockwork

    Aren’t you guys at the SLAM Dome pissed that once again your NBA Champion predictions turned out to be completely wrong (except for the two who picked Phoenix)?

  • http://www.hoopsarchive.com caputo

    I only SLAM had a crystal ball….No one would know who Sebastion Telfair is.

  • http://www.hoopsarchive.com caputo

    If* …………….Also Ben, how about updating the fans on Darius Rice, IN YOUR FACE in #46, he scored 52 points to help Dakota win the D-League title?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Khalid Salaam

    i’m not pissed.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    You mean the NBA Champion predictions we made in early March, to comply with the deadline for the issue that would be on sale when the playoffs began? Not at all.

  • http://slamonline.com mutoni

    anyone who puts more than 5 minutes of thought into their sports predictions probably needs to develop a drinking habit or something.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    I’d say that’s a good idea regardless of circumstances, mutoni.

  • dez

    BDiddy’s beard should be interviewed

  • JB21

    How do you set a PDF file as your background?

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    the nature of sports predictions is why gambling is BAD and WRONG

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    Oh, to set as your background save it to your desktop and go through your system preferences to make it the background like you would with any photo.

  • Ikemob22

    This is my new myspace and facebook defult picture Im gonna take alot of heat for this one! LOL

  • Rynn D.

    Tim Hardaway’s “skills” is spelled Skee-ooze. With a quick transition between the ee and the oo.

    He is also known for his Inside Stuff intro What’s up repeated 3 times. “Whuhsuh whuhsuh whusuh?”

  • Reggie Evans

    Why do his fists look so small? Must be the wristbands …

  • http://www.myspace.com/bangonthetableproductions Alpha-bet

    This is really whats up…I wish this was the real cover though..I know they still going Hyphy up there in the Bay over this win here

  • Mehmet

    Don’t tell me you put Dirk on the cover this month. That’ll be the end of SLAM as we know it.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Who’s Dirk?

  • asfasfasdf

    yo dude you have to put Baron Davis on the cover of the next issue. I knew gs. woulda won the series. They were just building chemistry during the season and watch out for them next year. you guys gotta put golden state on next issue or BD5.

  • asfasfasdf

    by the way how did golden state shock the world man they beat them everytime in the regular season which pretty much means they’d win the series dumbasses

  • Dblizzy!


  • Dblizzy!

    Why is stephen jacksons nickname “whoo”

  • Reggie Evans

    I like that Matt Barnes frisks Stephen Jackson in the pregame intros to make light of his probation.

  • Paul

    I think it’s from the Outkast song. “I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, WHOO!, I am for real….”

    I think a long time ago, Lang thought it be funny if the PA announcer played the “WHOO!” part whenever Jackson scored a bucket.

  • Melissa Brennan

    Thanks for the glowing accolades boys. Now my head is even MORE inflated than usual. And for the record, it only took 4.5 minutes ;)

  • http://myspace.com/bodiebarnett jbn74sb

    Reggie Evans – Why do his fists look so small? Because they had to photoshop the guns he was holding out of the picture.

  • Big L

    I love it. I think they should play some Ric Flair after his makes. The Nature Boy is in the house! Wooooo!

  • Pat Famous

    Lets take another look at the series..

    Mavs come into it having lost all three games this season against them

    Mavs have the best regular season record (67-15) and Golden State just barely got into the playoffs for the first time since 13 years… (42-40)

    Fact is: if Dallas hadn’t let their starters rest against Golden State (like about a week before the end of the season), they maybe could’ve won and kept them from getting a playoff spot. Being a Mavs fan 4 life, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean the mavs knew how this would come. What were they thinkin….come on boys..it’s Nellie yo old coaches over there..like duh

    Ok back to the series:
    Game 1- pitiful (1-0 for GSW)
    Game 2- Mavs win,but pretty close (1-1
    Game 3- GSW largest home crowd ever, win for GSW (2-1)
    Game 4- same scenerio (3-1)
    Game 5- Dallas gets a break at the end, Dirks first, and last good game of these playoffs. (3-2)
    Game 6- Back in Golden State, the largest crowd ever, arena is shakin like an earthquake; GSW control the third (35-16) and go on to win the game and series


    cya readers

  • Reggie Evans

    This team will inspire every 8th seed for the next 20 years. They will use it as an example at the beginning of the series when talking to the media, and then they will all get bounced out of the first round.

  • snyper48

    welcome to the Slamonline fam Melissa

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    @Paul: You are correct, sir.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Stephen Jackson has always been Southernplayalistic.

  • http://NBA.com Michael Jr.

    Yeah that is true what happened to the MVP(DIRK)???? Maybe Nelson knew how to guard him, when to guard him…but hey theres always next year!!!!!

    PS:GO Mavs!!!

  • Tariq

    Here’s hoping they play cadillacmusic all the way to the finals!

  • Tariq

    sorry. it’s 1 a.m. and i’m still giddy

  • Drolfe

    I always thought it was because he was crazy and liable to scream ‘WHOOO!’ just at random times.

  • Bonzi4Prez

    i think it’s his nickname because i’m pretty sure he yells “woooo!” all the time when he’s playing… living in Indiana watching many pacers games i noticed this.

  • http://hotmail.com 8-Ball

    thats seriously not gonna be the cover? thats better than dopeman popeman at the vatican smokin some backwood wrapped up in his basement. thats dope . get em high yu know,that kwest sh*t,thats what gstate is doing and i would seriously pay a 1000 dollars if there wuz only one actual cover like that in the world for slam 109 like a limited edition or something. its as doper than the poper, if yu know what i mean.no probably not…

  • Yung Jo

    This would be perfectO! who woulda thought My Fav team would’ve gotten swept and my 2nd fav team shock the world…i supported Gully State but Miami shocked me…Cant Fault Flash!

    Im Outy!

  • diababy

    hah nice. i live in the bay and it sucks to se bandwagon-ers appear outta nowhere, it’s like kings fans converting just cause sac had a sucky season.

  • John

    What about Warriors “fans” who jumped ship to the Kings in the late 90′s? I say welcome back, because this was long overdue.

  • K22C

    looks like jack’s middle fingers were ready to come up

  • razor

    man,u guys did it qagain u coursed mavricks cuz u all said they are gonna win it all.i didnt really believed u guys when u said about slam course in the las issue but right now i am a lil fraid.but its all good for me cuz im with the suns and ur lil course thingy wont effect the suns. peace.

  • BoBmAn

    No affence but this cover aint that great you should have J-RICH slemin it down on someone man hes the best dunker i have ever seen geez give the guy some love


    come on slam ! show some love to my man Biedrins from my country Latvia ! wE have here probably about 2 places where to buy yor mag and it would be nice to read your opinion about Warriors and Andris.

  • Harlem_World

    Anyone who isn’t happy about this situation must not love the game of basketball. Classic material. Whoo goes through 4 games to 2? Somewhere Ron Artest is passing a blunt over to JR Rider and is feeling vicariously vindicated.

  • http://www.ballislife.com Matt

    in actuality, there are only like 10,000 warrior fans, all those fans you now see in the arena, are all people who werent fans throughout our more than a decade long drought of the playoffs. Me and my boy Kyle have been warrior fans even when we won 12 games in a season, now all those people bought all our cheap seats!!! buncha fair weather fans, could you imagine how much people won in vegas if there are actually any fans there??? damn, wish i was that lucky bastard

  • sixthman6
  • KB24


  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Ron Artest was at the game! Think JR’s in jail, though. BP is on the hunt for him…

  • Zee

    As I wrote a few weeks ago: ” Lang you’re giving Dallas way to much credit”. In the words of the great Biz Markie – “Damn it feels good to see people up on it!” Your we believe T-Shirt is on the way. Hater.

  • Dean

    cool cover

  • BoBmAn

    you guys shouldve made an all star slam special edition seperate to the monthly mags with all highlights iterviews and staked with posters n stuff and the front cover LeBron James tryin 2 jump amare with a huge LAS VEGAS sign in the bakground man that wouldve been 1 sweet issue man all im sayin is think about doing it next all star weekend guys and if u really want i could help yas with it cose ive got some sweet shit in my mind guys so do it next time please cyas lata

  • http://www.friendster.com/sesa Sesa

    Artest to GSW for next season anyone?

  • http://www.myspace.com/yungjames07 James

    dirk will prolly be on the cover of the new slam or u can slap my black self lol. tmac kinda made me almost drop a tear i lovee houston and the rockets. dont worry tmac we got your back in htown. off wit JVG’s head

  • Mendel

    Just fitting that Whoo Jackson spikes the punch

  • James

    This is the best slam cover i’ve seen in a LONG time! Shame you guys can’t actually do them like this, what with profits to be made and all….

  • Tammy

    I’ll be a subscriber forever if you make that cover come true! Haha, but thanks for the love anyways!

  • chronically_ill

    How did Stephen Jackson get that cool nickname?

  • 1hush D

    I am taking my American liberty and proclaiming Stephen Jackson’s new nickname: WarJak. It is similar too, but so different from Kojak because Kojak was a crime fighter and well WarJak, a criminal. I would rather have a Warrior criminal than a cop on my side.

  • http://punditfight.com american pundit fighting

    nice touch putting Jackson on there, rather than the supernova shining right now- B Diddy. How bout this for a cover Mcgrady and Nowitzki side by side. Awkward

  • Zee

    Make this cover a reality, In the words of J-dilla: ” Ya’ll outta there, y’all know y’ll outta there. come with the real.”

  • http://www.nba.com Keny’e Bogan-EL

    This cover is off the hook. I mean the Warriors are awesome. That’s one of my top teams in the western conference now.

  • doug

    stephen jackson he cool man,

  • Jay

    Great stuff. Maybe not a bestseller though :-S

  • http://www.myspace.com/whyberickjames Greased Up Deaf Guy aka Clay Davis

    suspended for 7 games???? amaechi

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