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Contest: SLAM Holiday Package Giveaway

Win a whole bunch of free stuff, just in time for X-Mas!

SLAM Giveaway

Happy holidays, SLAM Fam. As you may have noticed, we’ve been doing free giveaways on our Twitter page (@SLAMonline) once or twice a week for the past month or so. Generally we give away small things, like a T-shirt or a magazine. But it’s the holiday season, and we feel like being a little extra generous. Plus, we wanna hook you up with some X-Mas gifts and save you that last-minute trip to the annoyingly overcrowded shopping center. So we’re giving away an entire package of freebies to one lucky recipient. Here’s what the winner will receive (pictured above):

–One Sportiqe SLAM tee (Multiple sizes available)

–One Sportique L.A. Lakers tee (Size M)

–One SLAM All-American fitted hat

–One Under Armour SLAM headband

–One copy of SLAM 144

–One copy of SLAM Presents JORDAN 2010

So how does one win, you ask?

Simple: You have to be following @SLAMonline to be eligible. Then, at 1 p.m. today (Tuesday, Dec. 21), @SLAMonline will tweet the following:

“GIVEAWAY: Follow @SLAMonline for the best in basketball, and RT this for a chance to win our holiday gift package! tinyurl.com/SLAMcontest”

Along with following @SLAMonline, all you have to do is retweet the above tweet from your Twitter account, and you’ll be entered into the contest. We’ll be selecting one RTer at random, and he or she will win the whole gift set. Then we’ll DM the winner and hook ‘em up. Easy enough, right?

Good luck, and happy holidays!

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  • Ali Saadat

    thats a nice lakers tee

  • riggs

    twitter contest? no thanks. hate that damn website.

  • Tiki


  • XYZ

    Some people have school to attend and could hardly stay up till 11 on school nights… -_-

  • Daniel

    Do a competition that doesn’t involve twitter… not everyone has it you know.

  • jack boutchard

    what about fb

  • Daniel Dragicevich

    some people live in Australia and are sleeping at 3 am…

  • http://Slam Jasmine

    Damm If I Would Have Known This Earlier I Would Have Entered!!