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Allen Iverson: Cold as Ice

SLAM 107. On newstands.

By Jake Appleman

When I went out to Denver in January for this issue’s Allen Iverson cover story, I really had no idea what to expect. Hearing about AI’s lack of media involvement in Philly in recent years, I had to brace for the reality that he might not feel like talking too much. I was especially wary because I went out to Denver right before Melo was set to return from suspension, so the Denver media was in a tizzy about his pending return. This could have been an obstacle because my story was about AI, not Melo. (For those with horrendous short term memory, Melo was on the cover two issues ago.) More to the point, I needed to be ready to cobble a story together without much help from AI himself. What happened was exactly the opposite.

AI was fantastic. He was interesting, he was enlightening, he was even enthralling at times. He was so entertaining that I jokingly told Nuggets’ PR guru, Eric Sebastian (big thanks!), that I felt like I could go to the beach after my first trip to a Nuggets’ practice, and I had three days left in Denver. Of course, it didn’t stop there. I talked as much as I could to AI and his teammates. The Cavs were in town, so I talked to a few of them as well.

AI was so candid; I ended up having to leave a ton of good stuff out of my story. Here is a choice selection of various quotes from various people that I didn’t run in the story but still have relevance:

Marucs Camby, on Denver’s mid-season adjustments: “I think the brawl really set us back. It took two of our veteran players out of the lineup. We had to adjust to that. Then we had trades. We traded Andre Miller, a point guard we’ve been playing with for three years, so we had to adjust to playing with a different point guard, and then Earl Boykins getting traded—it’s just an accumulation of things happening. It’s a good thing those things happened early in the season, not in March and April when we’re trying to make that playoff push. So we have time to adjust.” March and April are almost here and the jury’s still out…THE TIME TO ADJUST IS HERE!

Allen Iverson, on his mental approach: “If you’re a basketball player, you know, you’re supposed to get up for every game. You’re supposed to approach every game the same way. You’re supposed to feel that every game is a big game. And that’s what helps guys stay consistent. That’s the way I’ve been throughout my career. I just approach every game the same way. I never underestimate anybody. Stay aggressive. I think everybody should do that.”

AI, on Steve Blake: “More than talent, I like playing with guys that are tough and guys that just play hard. And that’s the type of player [Blake] is. He’s like a throwback player, just gets out there and willing to do anything to win a basketball game.”

AI, on his big brother/little brother relationship with Caremlo Anthony and what they talk about: “When you have friends and you’re around people, you talk. It ain’t a certain subject you feel like, “Oh, today we’re going to talk about this,” like you’re going to school or something—‘today we’re going to work on this’—it’s just about having a relationship with somebody. You talk about different things. Different subjects come up. I feel like I can share things with him and he can do the same with me. We’re basketball players. And basically, we’ve lived the same life as far as the fame and the money and the beaches leeches; all that come with it. And we talk about things like that.”

Update: I’m an idiot. I just remembered that when I went back to listen to the tape a second time, I realized that Iverson said “leeches” not “beaches.” I made a mental note to myself to fix the quote if I needed to use it for the story. But I didn’t use it, so I forgot about it. When I posted this, the clarification totally slipped my mind. My bad. And I’m sorry, AI and journalism, for the brief misquote.

AI, on SLAM Magazine (I think this was when he realized who I was repping) and doing his, if i’m not mistaken, tenth cover: “I have so much respect for that magazine and they’ve shown me so much love over the years. I’m just always honored to do something with them. They kept it real with me since day one.”

JR Smith, on Allen Iverson as inspiration:He’s definitely one of my inspirations to play the game of basketball, especially when I was growing up. Just how small he is and how he has such a big heart.”

Fan outside the Pepsi Center: “That’s the thing about AI. You don’t respect him till he comes to your team. And you see all the bullshit he puts up with.”

Allen Iverson’s son to JR Smith: “Mister Boykins, can I have your autograph?”

A little bit more about the story:

–The fur wasn’t my idea. I wouldn’t trust myself with fashion anyway. So big ups to the SLAM creative brain trust that actually got AI to rock a fur coat. And big ups to the 329 animals that gave up their lives to make this happen! KIDDING!

–AI was especially engaging when I asked him questions. I’m still not sure if this was because I asked him more thought-provoking questions, or because he was aware that I was putting together a SLAM cover story, or, maybe, just because…Either way, I got a kick out of asking the questions I wanted to ask and getting responses that more than justified those questions.

–I didn’t feel the need to describe AI’s game because he’s been in the league eleven years now, and if you pick up this magazine or read this website, it’s pretty safe to assume that you know how Iverson plays the game. In case a large rock fell on you 11 years ago and you were just recently rescued: AI is still AI. He still slices across the lane and beats multiple guys off the dribble. He still plays with reckless abandon. He still has that slight, suave fade to his stepback jumper. He’s still dangerous on the break. He still piles up more assists than you’d think, although those numbers come from his monopolization of the ball late in the shot clock as well as his distribution. He still plays the passing lanes like a cornerback. He can still cross you up.

–Part of the cool thing about writing for a magazine is that you get to balance reporting with more creative angles and insights than the ones afforded to regular reporters.

That said, when I started piecing together my AI story and began to try and weave the two central themes together (“Allen Iverson is in Denver, holy crap” and “Wow, look at how quickly we forget how much of an impact AI has had”…more or less), I started thinking about how much Allen Iverson has meant to me over the years. AI has frequently captivated my imagination and culturally affected who I am. I don’t know how many players I can say that about.

The more I wrote, the more emotional the story became. That goes for the humor in it as well. Part of it had to with my true realization that AI was the defining basketball figure of my adolescence, and part of it had to do with witnessing his newfound happiness in Denver.

I really haven’t told you too much about the story because, hate it or love it, I really think you should go cop that magazine.

Bottom line: AI lived up to a cover that he deserved. I only hope I did him justice trying to paint his portrait.

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  • http://mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    Oh sh*t! Congrats on the cover love Jake, looking forward to it.

  • Noyd

    AI will always get love here in Philly, except not at TGI Friday’s on City Line Ave….Good luck to him, hope Denver does well, except this year because we have their pick…

  • http://slam alex

    i think ai deserves a cover

  • Jas

    You should have asked him why he hardly ever uses his crossover (when was the last time you saw Allen cross someone up like he used to back in the day) or why he stopped dunking after his first year. In general, your magazine tends to focus more on off-court issues than on what goes on on the court and how players work on their game. Just the way I feel.

  • http://basketball-is-life.blogspot.com Andrew McNeill

    That cover is sick, love it.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jake Appleman

    Thanks, Max.
    Jas, AI crossed one of the Cavs up when I was there, so I didn’t feel the need to ask him about something I had just seen him do. As for your dunking question…if you pick up the magazine, you just might find out the answer to that question.

  • http://www.neworleansnation.com Toney Blare

    Congrats, dude, and, yeah, it’s hard to imagine our culture without Jewelz.

  • Marvin

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!AI SLAM COVER!!!! SLAM Always comes through!!!!!!!

  • kjo

    Reads like it’s gonna be a good story…but is this a SLAM cover or the next Jewelz album??? Looks like a bath robe from the screenshot for sure

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    Also it should be noted that the SLAM curse from this issue hit the league HARD.

  • Nadav Mor

    dwade slamadamonth?
    dick bavetta “know your ref”?
    any kind of celtics mention?

  • http://idk blue

    this cover is dope

  • Ryu

    It’s still strange for me to see AI in the Nugs jersey… Anyway I can’t wait the postman, to bring the issue. First time I thought AI’s wearing a bathrobe :) [you should upload bigger pics]

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    I guess I should be hurt that you guys are killing it with back-to-back covers since I left… but I’m not. Sick. And Jake, your story better not suck.

  • howard

    geez, another AI cover. When will you guys put a non-hip-hop athlete on the cover? oh wait, SLAM’s demographic is hip-hop…nvm

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    We can’t put pics bigger than a certain size on the site, but we’re working on that for a new downloads section. If you want to see the pics nice and big you should buy the magazine and hold it close to your face.
    Nice job Jake on the story and the extras on this page.

  • http://deleted Boyd

    Cool cover, A.I’s a great player, yet he fuckin sucks. How does that work? It’s incredible that such a little dude can score 30 and win MVP’s, you gotta respect him for that. But he’s a team killer. I truly believed he was untradeable, then when he went to Denver I truly believed they would still suck. And they still do. They would probably be the no.1 seed in the leastern but hey. Respect to him for doing what he has in a giants world. If he was 7 feet those thirty would be real valuable, but who needs their PG to average 30? its as useful as your PG leading the team in boards; if these things happen, you know your basketball team is screwed.

  • J-Bird

    Lame, the Nuggets arent anything special with AI, the cover shoulda been someone from the Mavs or Suns. But hey, you gotta move your product right?

  • Myung

    A stronger curse than the SLAM curse is the “Sidekick 3 release date” curse, yeah? AI needs another SLAM cover like ESPN the mag needs more half naked dudes inside their pages. But like J-Bird wrote above, “you gotta move your product.”

  • http://mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington


  • Rick Kang

    Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love… Not many ballers polarize reaction like AI. No matter how you feel, it’s all or nuthin’ with him — no middle ground — kinda like his game. For better or for worse, AI was/is the definitive baller of our generation (mid-to-late’90s, early ’00s). He changed the game, from his obvious hip-hop affiliation, to the ‘rows and tat’s (which were far from ubiquitous in the previous decade). Good lookin’

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Little early to say the Nugs “aren’t anything special.” AI and Melo have barely been healthy at the same time. Not saying they’re going to last all that long in the playoffs, but I do think they’ll have a nice run (something like winning 11-of-14) before the regular season is over. And don’t worry; the Suns and Mavs will get theirs, too.

  • Rick Kang

    Best li’l man EVER! (Well, maybe a hair behind Zeke & Nate…)

  • c to the izzo

    WTF!!!! im not pissed at the cover its just that i just got the REMIX cover with bron. in some places its still not on shelves (FUCKIN LOCAL 711) now i have to wait a month to get the new one and i already know what the cover is, DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!!

  • Aaron

    Love AI’s game but could you just put him on the cover a few more times? There’s a big league out there and a lot of great players that deserve credit..

  • Marques

    So where does AI rank compared to all guards (PGs and SGs) of all time? He’s definitely Top 10 with (in no particular order):
    Jerry West

  • yo

    Hey Jake,
    How do you feel about John Ameachi’s new book, “Man in the Middle”?

  • Boing Dynasty

    Earl Monroe was better than at least 1 of those guys

  • Marques

    Which one?

  • Boing Dynasty


  • Boing Dynasty

    and possibly stock.

  • Bryant Reeves

    GP top ten guard of all time?!? Marques you is Ron Artest crazy. Better than Nash, Kidd, Cousy, etc, etc, etc.

    New cover looks hot. When was the last time a non-NBA player was on the cover? Why not do a Durrant/Oden cover? Would the NCAA let you (I seem to recall a G-Town Iverson cover way back when)?

  • Myung

    Oden was on the cover just a few issues ago.

  • Bryant Reeves

    Myung – I realized that about 3 seconds after posting. Some brain farts stink more than others…

  • Tariq

    Saying that Iverson is a team-killer just isn’t fair. I don’t remember Philly ever having what you would call a quality supporting cast, and AI still carried them to the Finals. I mean, Mutombo was obviously a quality center, but how many players can take a team that has Eric Snow, Aaron McKie, and Tyrone Hill in the starting lineup to the promised land? Replace Iverson with a non-perennial all-star like Michael Redd or Joe Johnson and you’ve got yourself a lottery team. Also, if you’re going to blame Iverson for the Sixers’ failures and call him a team-killer, then I’ve got another team-killer for you: Kevin Garnett. Obviously KG is nothing of the sort, but his career trajectory is similar to Iverson’s in a lot of ways: One MVP, one deep playoff run, a series of sub-par teammates, and an eternity with one team. Call them the victims of expansion, call them hip-hop, call them what you will, but they ain’t team-killers.

  • Tariq

    And reserve judgment on the AI-Melo experiment until summer 2008.

  • http://the-seed.net/suns Hersey

    Cover looks tight. AI is always interesting.
    When do we get a PHX Suns cover story? Amare’s rise has been fun to watch.

  • akimana

    Yea AI can be a real ass at Friday’s but it’s all love

  • jay

    love the cover!!! would like a kobe cover soon but this cover looks hott!!!! hope melo n ai gel ..guess we shall see. cant wait to read up!

  • http://www.two-zone.piczo.com emilio

    The boyz in Denver Holdin it down , hopefully they can do the same in the league.

  • Drolfe

    You knew this was coming. AI in Denver. I was kinda hoping for the powder blue uni though.. but whatever. Can’t wait to read it. But yeah, as someone else said, I only just got my Lebron issue in the mail like a week ago. Lousy mail..

  • Drolfe

    And sh*t, you cant write them off yet. Melo and AI have played about EIGHT games together. Give it a month or two.

  • Chris

    They don’t have a month or two they need to get their sh*t together pronto if they want to 1. make the play-offs 2. avoid getting swept by the mavericks

  • Tariq

    I don’t think you can make massive personnel changes mid-season, then endure injuries and suspensions to your star players, and then expect immediate success. Especially in the west. Next year is the real test of this Denver team. I’m not saying that they’ll do well next year; trading for Iverson might end up being a disaster, but you can’t judge this team this year unless they make an unlikely deep playoff run, in which case we can judge that they have achieved success in a surprisingly swift fashion.

  • http://hotmail.com vinny

    i think that that denver will probably be one of the last 4 teams standing in the playoffs

  • http://hotmail.com vinny

    if they try there hardest at least no finals this year

  • Daniel


  • oliver

    way to go on the cover jake- congrats
    Got my new subscription to the UK so im hopin it arrives soon- cant wait to read it

  • http://www.live-till-u-die.piczo.com Erica

    #1 FAN…

  • http://yahoo.com DP

    JUST DON’T PUT DIRK ON THE COVER. I see his ass enough as it is. play wit it.

  • Drolfe

    Chris, they do have a month or two. They’ll win enough games to make the playoffs and maybe win win a couple of games in the first round. Believe it or not, this isn’t the last NBA seaon. Late this year it starts all over again.

  • Michael

    I swear Iverson gets like three covers a year. Even though he’s my favorite player, it’s getting harder to defend him now. Its becoming more obvious that he can’t co-exist with another star even if he tries as hard as possible.

  • Tariq

    How is it becoming obvious that Iverson can’t co-exist with another star? On what do you base that statement?

  • Tariq

    By the way, I’m not even a fan of any particular team. If Iverson proves he can’t co-exist with Melo, I’ll gladly concede the point. However, it seems that there is nothing concrete to support it at the moment. Which star has Iverson failed to co-exist with throughout his career? I’ll give you Stackhouse for the sake of argument. And?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jake Appleman

    “I’ll give you Stackhouse…” And tonight’s generosity award goes to Tariq! Don’t listen to the haters, Tariq. They can F with your mind.

  • Brad M

    hey i assume you purposly misspelt “beaches”?

  • http://miguelmarasiganyahoo.com miguel

    nice cover…HUSAY as we say it in the philippines..1.basketball magazine:SLAM 2.others..

  • francis

    Marques are you kidding…theres at least 10 more guards we could add to your list better than Payton; DJ, Joe D, Moncrief, The Iceman, Ray Richardson, Nate Archebal, Earl Monroe, Jo Jo White, Gus Williams, Keven Johnson. Hell I dont even think AI makes this list if you were to look at all around game.

  • francis

    Oh, and I think the cover is tight!

  • Atomic Sushi

    When is Yao Ming gonna be on the cover???!?!?!?! goddamnit!!!

  • HaRvNaStY

    i think its time for chris webber to get a cover, the dudes killin it ova here

  • NiCK

    i think george karl’s in one hell of a year. Iverson and Melo are 2 top scoring players. I don’t think that they will be wanting to pass the ball much. George Karl, expect lots of arguements, suggestions, and complaints…not only from Iverson and Melo but from the bench players too.

  • NiCK

    oh..and also..is kobe gonna get a all-star mvp cover?? cmon man hook it up..

  • TC

    Instead of “Cold as Ice”, the cover should read “Still Gangsta !!”

  • Boing Dynasty

    Ya, “still gangta” goes much better with snowy Denver and a fur coat. Good call TC.

  • Alex chuc

    is that a fur coat? i thought it was a bath robe!

  • Tariq

    LOL@ Jake.

    There are many people I’d like to thank for this award. Jake Appleman. Tony Gervino. Benzino. My mom.

    Btw, Jake, I’m not convinced that the Stackhouse thing applies, but I’m just saying that, for the sake of argument, let’s say that a young Iverson was the reason Stackhouse in his prime didn’t flourish in Philly, is that enough evidence to conclude that AI can’t co-exist with another superstar? Stackhouse is the closest thing to a superstar Iverson’s ever played with.

  • Tariq

    Iverson never was and never will be a pure PG, but if he had a chance to win a ring, you’re telling me Iverson couldn’t adapt? Look at Game 7 against Milwaukee during Philly’s (Iverson’s) run to the finals, when he put up 16 assists. That’s 16 assists with a bunch of scrubs in a Game 7.

  • D-Wade’s my Lover

    OMG I love Allen Iverson. This is just like that one cover “Iverson: Soul On Ice”!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Yao was slated to be on the cover until he got hurt. Needless to say, we look pretty smart on that one since he is STILL not back.

  • http://myspace.com/itsybitsyballa Devin

    yea that cover is raw and i cant wait till i cop that and cant wait till i read the article but one request my boy dwight howard has been lightin up the lueage with rebouds and power dunks how bout u show his some respect with a cover. One more request show respect to the future kevin garnett, kevin durant deserves a cover cuz he is college basketballs freshman of the year and player of the year

  • J-roc

    I can’t wait until I get this in the mail for the june issue it should be steve and dirk for mvp

  • Mitch M

    Sick Cover shot but he does not deserve one over others. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Nash, Kobe, Garnett, Dirk, Boozer, Dwight, Bargnani (at least an article come on!), Al Jefferson, Kidd, or Meka deserves one more.

  • Phila

    Jake, the cover looks sweet. i cant wait to read the article on the answer. i hope its as good as its sounding. keep up the good work homie.

  • Marques

    Sorry to get off the main subject of AI, but over a complete body of work Gary Payton is a Top 10 guard of all time. Beside MJ in his prime he was the best defensive guard hands down. And to Francis, only Nate Archibald could make the arguement of Top 10 but when you look at an entire career…

  • mattomatic

    a.i. deservees 3 covers in a row

  • Baller

    the cover looks off the chain.

  • Mike

    Oh hell yea! AI on the cover great job Jake.

  • http://www.myspace.com/russellkeewatin Chief

    A Jake Appleman cover story?

  • Matt

    A.I don’t need no hype. Lets all win and let Allen be a quiet acheiver? Maybe he can’t be, won’t be. Woulda given it to a Jazz man.

  • http://deleted Boyd

    If A.I was a 4 he wouldn’t be a team killer. If he was a 6’5 guard he wouldn’t be a team killer, because he’d basically be Kobe or MJ. But because he is so small he is by default a point (i’m sure Earl Boykins would prefer to be a 2)And a point scoring 30 a night is a team killer. A 1 has his place in the world; throughout NBA history he is responsible for his teams succes. A 4 (like Garnett) will never win you jack, thats not his place in the world. It’s like a goalie will never win you the world cup. (OK he might save a penalty in the final, but you know what I mean.) The fundamentals of Basketball say that other than the Jordan Bulls you need a legendary pivot or point, or both, to win the title. If A.I can put up 16 assists in a game 7, why not all the time? Nashty could EASILY avg between 24 – 28 ppg (he gets nearly twenty as it is) but who needs that out of their point guard? instead he makes the team win, which is what every great 1 does. Iverson is an awesome player, but he is a victim of being an anomaly with the package he has, a bit like Barkley (which is weird; philly must have a knack for drafting HOF super-freaks who by virtue of their size and unique skill set can’t quite win you a chip.)

  • http://deleted Boyd

    Here’s a working example; After Nash came back recently Marion said ‘steve’s our only point guard’ a none to well concealed shot at Marcus Banks, who stepped in for Nash. Banks’ two season high point outburts (20 and 21) came in the Suns two biggest losses of the year. Marion’s point (and mine!) seem justified.

  • Tariq

    You’re post was very thoughtful. I do, however, disagree with you on a number of points:
    1. “A 4 (like Garnett) will never win you Jack”:

    I disagree. Granted, in the last 15 years titles have been dominated by pivots (Shaq, Hakeem) and Jordan. But what about Tim Duncan? Didn’t the Spurs manhandle the Nets, a team with a legendary point guard in their ranks? And if you want to go old school, how about Wes Unseld? Not to mention Barkley and Malone, who were only denied rings by an uncanny MJ (much like everyone else, including legendary pivots like Ewing and legendary points like Payton). And this year, I bet the NBA Finals MVP will be a power forward. I know that Dirk isn’t your typical 4, but then again neither is Garnett.

    2. There is no position in basketball that resembles a goalkeeper in football (soccer). If you want to make analogies, a goalie is more like special teams in the NFL. I seriously dispute the notion that the formula for a ring exclusively lies in the point/pivot equation.

    3. “If AI can put up 16 asts…why not every game?”, “A point scoring 30 a night is a team-killer” “Nash could average 24-28 ppg”:

    Iverson would not be as successful with Phoenix as Nash because the Suns’ style relies on Nash’s excellent distribution. Their whole run n gun style would collapse with Iverson handling the ball. Then again, if you want to talk basketball fundamentals, Phoenix’s style, which is a textbook example of a HOF PG running a team, doesn’t spell postseason success. Also, what I said about Iverson not fitting with the Suns can also be applied to Nash. Would Detroit , a team who rely on defense, have won a ring with Nash, who is a liability? Do you think Iverson would have killed that team if he was their point instead of Chauncey? If anything, I think they would have beaten San Antonio in 2005 with AI. My point about Iverson and the 16 assists is that Iverson is not a selfish player; he scores because the team needs him to score and he’s a natural scorer, and that 16-assist-performance shows that, contrary to what others have said, Iverson CAN co-exist with another superstar. And, anyway, Iverson isn’t a point guard. His point guard at Philly during most of his time there was Eric Snow. Now, the point is Steve Blake. Iverson is an undersized shooting guard. He may not fit with a lot of teams, but you definitely can win with Iverson.

  • Tariq

    Or replace Rip with Iverson on those Detroit teams.

  • Tariq

    Sorry, “your post”, not “you’re post”. I would never call you a post, Boyd!

  • http://deleted Boyd

    Nice work Tariq. I agree with your points and was being necessarily selective, TD is a good example, but I always felt he was a 5 who just slid down to 4 because of Robinson and never made it back. He’s much more Hakeem than Barkley or Malone. Talking of Barkley I still feel the point about philly drafrting undersized and once in a generation yet exemplary players is the key to they argument. Iverson is a victim of his own body and skill set, which have combined to do him in. And yes, the Pistons would suck with Nash, but they still would have won a title with him in ’04, as would any other 5 body’s with a heartbeat against an L.A team that looked like it wanted to lose. (and I think Shaq did.)

  • Tariq

    Here are 5 bodies with a heartbeat that DIDN”T beat that LA team: Tony Parker, GINOBILI!, Bruce Bowen, Tim Duncan and Malik Rose. Nash may or may not have won a title with Detroit, but that’s not my point. My point is that to compare a pure point guard like Nash to Iverson and conclude that a player of Iverson’s ilk lacks the ability to translate individual brilliance to team success because a pure PG averages more assists and less points is oversimplifying things. The key word here is ability; Iverson, like Garnett, Barkley, Malone and Stockton (arguably the best PG this side of Magic) all have or had the ability to win titles. The fact that they didn’t doesn’t mean that they can’t or couldn’t; a multitude of factors have to come together for any (Jordan-less) team to win a championship.

    Regarding TD, I agree that he’s more Hakeem than Barkley, but that tells you more about Barkley than Duncan. I think Tim is more similar to Malone than Hakeem; who do you think would be a more balanced matchup? I think Malone vs Duncan would be epic, but Hakeem vs Duncan would be a total mismatch.

    And going back to Barkley, I agree that Barkley has something in common with Iverson, mainly that both are undersized for their positions (I maintain that Iverson is an undersized 2 as opposed to a shoot-first PG). But what does that prove? Your argument is that Barkley and Iverson both have a set of skills that don’t go with their bodies (i.e. both are undersized), and since Barkley failed to win a ring, Iverson , who isn’t getting any younger, will also fail to win a chip, and therefore both players are not conducive to team success. I only agree with you that both are undersized (obviously), but I feel that the remainder of your argument on this point is unfair to both players. It is unfair to say that Barkley is a “HOF superfreak who never won a chip”. It’s true that he didn’t win a chip, but not because Barkley doesn’t have the requisite elements that make up a champion, rather, it’s because when Barkley’s team reached its peak, there was a better team there. Barkley’s 1993 Suns could have beaten a number of championship teams (1994 Rockets? 1999 Spurs? 2004 Pistons? Last year’s Heat?) and if that had happened, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. So a player’s lack of a ring, while not insignificant, should not be used to illustrate a player’s inability to contribute to team success, because you know what other thing Barkley and Iverson have in common? Both players won the MVP while taking their teams to the Finals. The Suns then fell to Jordan’s Bulls while The Sixers lost to a Laker team that went 15-1 in those playoffs (the only loss coming as a result of Iverson’s amazing Game 1 performance).

  • Tariq

    And you want to bet that Shaq didn’t lose intentionally? I’ll give you 4439-1 odds.

  • http://deleted Boyd

    For the record, Barkley was my favourite player ever. The first replica I ever bought was a ’94 Suns Jersey. My point is he and AI had/have PERFECT skills for their body types, they were/are just too unconventional, too against the grain to get it done. Who they faced in the finals is no argument, this is sport, the ‘what if’ is pointless. ‘What if’ the Suns had Stoudemire, Thomas and Bell in last years conference finals? they would be champs. It makes me ill that they lost in ’93, but losing to the better team is what happens in sport. And yes I ignored the Spurs in my LAL ’04 argument, because in my mind TD doesn’t exist. I can’t cope with a world that conatins such spirit-killing boredom. I find your ‘mismatch’ quote about Hakeem-TD incredible. Same height, roughly same weights, both devastating with low-post foot work and scoring, both solid, solid, defenders. Hakeem was just more athletic, had (way) more mobility, had a more dextrous arsenal on offense, was the better shot blocker, and had a better nose for boards. Barkley and Malone were more barrel-you-off-the-dribble or outside shooter types. I also firmly believe Barkley was the better of the two; Malone was a good rebounder, but a poor rebounder compared to the great 4′s and 5′s, and Malone’s scoring figures are over inflated with all the gimmes he got from Stock. Barkley was a devastating one on one scorer, and only had a good PG for a few years of his career. Neither could block shots.

  • Tariq

    As far as Barkley being your favorite player ever, I can say for the record that he’s not one of mine. I don’t really have favorite players and have never been a fan of any NBA team. I wasn’t suggesting, however, that you were biased, so whether or not you actually like him is irrelevant. And I share your distaste for Duncan, although I acknowledge his greatness.

    As for the whole Duncan/Hakeem/Malone comparisons, while I’m not entirely convinced, I have to admit that your argument is valid; TD does hover around the borderline that separates power forwards and centers.

    Regarding Barkley and Iverson, I think you missed my point. I wasn’t saying that the fact that Barkley didn’t win a ring is insignificant. Of course, when you talk about the greatest players of all time, the fact that he has bare fingers counts against him, just like it counts against Stockton, Reggie, Malone and Ewing, just to name a few. But Barkley DID achieve team success. From what I understand, you’re saying that Barkley and Iverson are too undersized, too “unconventional” to use your term, to achieve team success. They both have achieved team success, just like Stockton, Malone and Reggie Miller have achieved team success. Just like Jason Kidd has achieved team success. Barkley and Iverson were/are not just grotesquely talented chimeras who have great stats but are of no value to a team. They both carried their teams to the finals (Barkley did less carrying than Iverson, that Pheonix team was vastly superior than any Sixer squad since 96). The ‘what if’ argument would be pointless if I were using it to make excuses for those losses. I’m not. I’m just saying that, and this is my main point: both Barkley and Iverson have been conducive to team success, to suggest otherwise is simply not true. The fact that they lost in the Finals doesn’t change that fact, because they got their teams there in the first place. If you were merely arguing that Barkley and Iverson would have been better players if they were both a few inches taller, then I would agree with you, but you said AI was a team-killer, and compared him to Barkley to prove that point. I beg to differ.

  • Richard Leyva

    I’m glad that Allen Iverson got a new cover on slam and I cant wait till he could do something special for the nuggets and Carmelo Anthony in the future

  • k-man

    OK this one is for Ben:
    who big, still has zits, and is in AI’s division?
    Yes, Carlos Boozer— C-O-V-E-R!!

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  • http://www.hooplife.ca timo

    so i’m guessing we’re gonna find out wat jermaine ‘baby-face’ o’neals new nickname is in this issue? Yah Steve Nash deserves a cover and u guys are freaking nuts not to have given him one last year, but two mvps isn’t that impressive….whats the whole jesse dunn thing?

  • bs on you

    NICE COVER!!!!! (would have been better if there was no towel on his head0 (*_*)

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    ai rulz (dirk sux)

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    sick cover, but damn, i dunno if i still got my subscription goin

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    i thought he was sporting a towel over his head.

    and this just made my day -
    Allen Iverson’s son to JR Smith: “Mister Boykins, can I have your autograph?”

  • orteezy

    not cool…i just got my script renewed and now i’m in mexico on exchange! no slam…

  • Boyd

    I didn’t ever call Barkley a team killer, I didn’t compare him to A.I for this reason, I compared him to A.I because they are both anomalies. Iverson is a team killer because he is a point guard (regardless of his natural position as a 2, he’s tiny) who scores 30 a game. And a point guard who scores 30 a game (unless he compliments it with 11 assists) is a team killer. The only reason I compared him to Barkley was because they both have/had legendary talent, but were shafted by the genes God gave them, and ironically, were both drafted by philly. So yes, essentially I am arguing ‘if they were a few inches taller,’ but at least Barkley was doing the job he was supposed to do as an undersized 4. Iverson doing the job of an undersized 2 doesn’t work, because at 6′ you will be expected to play the point, and you can’t play like a 2 from the 1 position and expect success. Everyone knows that. And yes ‘team success’ ought to be measured in championships, because as much as I like to believe anyone who gets to the finals deserves respect, you and I both know, that is not the case. The winner always gets more. The sad fact is that because of that, despite Barkley being a better player than the sum of all 5 parts in the Pistons ’04 chapionship, he will still always be remebered by the majority (obviously not you or I) as a player who COULDN’T win the chip, and as this drawn out argument contends, I believe Iverson’s case, when he retires, will be perfectly comparable.

  • James

    “Feb.23 at 11:56 pm
    HaRvNaStY says:
    i think its time for chris webber to get a cover, the dudes killin it ova here ”

    This guys somehow managed to post a message from 2001!

  • Bigi

    Boyd-Tariq…Tariq-Boyd…This is like a tennis match…Keep goin’!!!!

  • Tariq

    Well, I am enjoying this exchange with Boyd, but maybe it’s going on too long? Boyd, you say: “And yes ‘team success’ ought to be measured in championships, because as much as I like to believe anyone who gets to the finals deserves respect, you and I both know, that is not the case. The winner always gets more.” Obviously, the winner always gets MORE, but does the other guy get none? Anyway, I think we basically agree on most of these points. The only disagreement is that you feel that while AI is a phenomenal player, he’s also a team-killer and I don’t agree. More importantly, I want to get my name written in orange!

  • k-man

    What aabout the NEW AI???

  • Boyd

    So do I. What’s that about? Two quick points, you say the Suns would have beat the ’94 Rockets? They lost in seven to the ’94 Rockets! Also, I reffered to the goalkeeper not out of comparison of position, but comparision of relative (remembering they are both team games) irrelevance in consitently being pivotal to a win. A point duly argued out over Duncan/Hakeem and the 4 position. Let’s agree to disagree about A.I until at least next years Nuggets performance. For now, 114-114 on all three judges cards.

  • Tariq

    The 94 Suns lost, not the 93 incarnation! And I didn’t say that they would definitely have beaten the Rockets, but they could have. In other words, Barkley’s 93 Suns are comparable to some championship teams. But this was to prove that you could have team success with Barkley as your star player. In other words, I was countering your argument about (undersized body types = inconclusive to team success),but then you said that, in your opinion, that applies to Iverson but not Barkley, so this whole business of the 93 Suns becomes a moot point in that case.

    And I took your remark about goalkeepers exactly the way you meant it. In soccer, a good goalie, while important, is indisputably less crucial than outfield players. In basketball, I dispute your hypothesis of a point guard/center axis being more important than the other 3 positions; I think it all depends on the quality of specific players and the system, regardless of position. So PGs (e.g. Magic) and centers (Shaq) can definitely be pivotal to wins, but so can 2s (Jordan), 3s (Bird) and 4s (Duncan). In fact, the lines between these positions are often blurred, so you might have a guy like Pippen calling plays or Magic playing center or KG guarding point guards! I mean T-Mac (a 2) says that KG (a 4) is the best defender he’s played against. That’s why I said that goalies are more like special teams in the NFL: you can win without a good quarterback if you have a good defense (Baltimore 01) or you can win without a dominating defense if you have a great offense (99 Rams). But a great special teams unit, like a goalkeeper, can make a difference, but can only do so much. That’s why drawing parallels with power forwards in basketball is not a sound analogy. In basketball, all 5 positions are of virtually the same importance. It’s the individual players who make the difference, regardless of position.

  • German Reignman

    Attention all you “First” suckers …. try getting the # 107th comment for issue # 107

    And to go back to an all time links classic …. I`m Rick James, b….!

  • German Reignman

    Oh, and by the way:
    Tariq and Boyd should get their names in orange in this thread at least …
    and I agree on the point, that greatness is not measured only by championships, there are mor deserving non-champions in the world than champions and soccer and basketball are unfit for analogies

  • bigmike407

    Marques, I’m taking Payton off your list and replacing him with Dumars. He scored way more, was hella clutch, and played just as much D. Remember he checked Mike str8 up when the Bulls could’nt beat the Pistons. We all know what happened to GP when he guarded Mike 1 on 1…but on another note. AI is that dude for this generation. He represents everything about the Hip-Hop generation from the game to the way he carries himself. This is a little off the subject, but a guard that nobody ever mentions in the ‘best guard’ talk is Mark Price. If you doubt me, go to NBA.com and do some research.

  • bigmike407

    Boyd & Tariq, listen. Yes, Barkley was a beast, but he ran into Mike in his prime. Yes AI is a beast, but he’s never been on a team with help. Everybody Philly brought in supporting-cast wise floundered. Larry Hughes, Stackhouse, Aaron McKie, Webber,and probably more that I’ve forgotten. We’ll see what AI does with Melo and them, cause now he’s got help. Plus AI is way more unselfish than people give him credit for. If he played on the Suns, he’d be up for MVP talk like Nash is. That run & gun is perfect for AI, even though he can be a little turnover prone. But Tariq made a good point about the offense/defense/ sp. teams analogy. I’m gonna apply that to Denver now. Denver’s gonna suffer until they get their D up. They can play a St. Louis style and score crazy points, but you gotta stop somebody in the playoffs. If Camby is not there, and he can be frail, their D and special teams are shot. He’s their best defender and keeps them from having to double big guys like Duncan and Amare. But one thing none of y’all mentioned in all that is the fact that Melo HAS YET TO MAKE A COMMITMENT TO THE DEFENSIVE END!!!!!! When he does that, he will be even more of a beast. I was just thinking last night that I’ve never seen a George Karl-coached team that struggles on defense like the Nuggets do. Any answers to that? I can’t think of any.

  • J-roc

    I think that kobe should get the next cover

  • http://deleted Boyd

    I’m English so I can’t draw parallels to the NFL, cos I know f***-all about it! Excellent points about Denver ’407, if they played D they could be dangerous. I don’t, however, think that A.I could make anything work in Phoenix. He is too similar a player to Marbury, twice as good no doubt, but too similar a style. Phoenix without Nash are horrible, because only Amare, and maybe Barbosa, can make points for themselves. The reason the Suns have so much success (and yes I think this will be rewarded with a championship before Nash’s days are out) is because they have separated from the standstill, one-on-one, my athleticism/crossover is better than yours basketball that has unfortunately gripped the NBA in recent years. They are back to ball moving, fluid bball. The Shaq Lakers had it, the Spurs had it, even if it was boring as sin, and the Pistons had it out of necessity, cos no-one was a take-over scorer. If A.I played in Phoenix, they would just be another standstill offense, with a rack of good (though not necessarily creative) players. As I said, lets wait until at least next year to see if A.I can do anything for the Nugs, but you and I know the Mavs and Suns basically own the West, and the NBA, for at least 2 more years. I will once again clarify my position: Barkley and Iverson are both outstanding players, but they are players who by virtue of circumstance, losing to the better team, and being a bit too unconventional (due to their size) never won/won’t win a chip. They are still great, but as kind as every suddenly seems to be the adage is that championship=greatness will always stick, which is why Nash, probably the most offensively talented PG since Magic and Isaiah (Stock and Kidd better all-round players on D though) still gets hated on, despite 2 very deserved MVP awards.

  • http://deleted Boyd

    CHECK OUT THE ORANGE! get a response up Tariq, you will surely receive similar reward.

  • Tariq

    Big Mike…I agree with most of what you’re saying. And look at how many variables you mentioned just now in that brief post when you talked about the Nuggets: Melo’s commitment to defense, team defense, Camby’s frailty…but if Denver aren’t successful next year (i.e. they don’t make a deep playoff run), people will forget about all these factors, and others, and just say that “oh well, Iverson can’t co-exist with another superstar,” or “oh well, Iverson is a team-killer.” And even if they do function brilliantly as a cohesive unit and AI plays great, and they make a deep playoff run but lose in the Finals or the Western Finals, people will still argue that AI is a “team-killer”. It’s even safe to say that people will still try to make that argument even if Denver DO win the chip. People (I don’t mean Boyd per se by the way) might say things like “They won in spite of Iverson, not because of him.”

  • Tariq

    Cheers Boyd. Where in England are you? I’m studying in Exeter. And I resent my lack of citrus-hued font.

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    this is the best Slam Magazine i ever seen…I’m a true Allen Iverson Fan….
    havelots of Allen Iverson stuffs

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    this is the best Slam Magazine cover ever!!!!

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    how do u go about obtaining the orange font?

  • Chris

    After reading all 100+ posts, winner goes to Tariq for incorporating the word “chimeras” into his argument. You just don’t get that every day. and orange posts are links for people that enter in a website, not a reward for a compelling argument.

  • Tariq

    Chris, you are a scholar and a gentleman, sir.

  • Levon J.

    That is going to be a classic cover. I’ma remember this one like the A.I. rookie year cover “whos afraid of allen iverson”, and the A.I. “soul on ice” cover. Classic!

  • Mimi

    I wanna bye him a billion rolls of toilet tissue cause A.I. is the sh*t!! I’ve been a fan of his game since I was in the 6th grade. (11 yrs.) Through all the ups and downs he’s still the greatest player pound for pound in my eyes. Especially when you measure the amount of courage he has and the heart he puts into the game. He’s fearless!! & the title is very fitting… BubbaChuck is a “cool a** dude” forreal. I just love him!! You gotta love him!

  • TC

    I know we are all excited about Melo and AI join forces. But who here honestly feel that the Nuggets can go past the 1st round this year? Melo + AI + G.Karl = 1st round exit.

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    ooh two nugs covers in 3 editions! im liking it!

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    Congrats SLAM on one very fine, dope cover!

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    I knew, that one was coming. this cover is H-O-T! THE ANSWER is the face of the nba and really if happens trade like that you can t unnotice that
    This is more than average trade it will change the whole nba so i can t understand the people who thinks that cover with bubba is not right and tell me who really didn t expect that
    the legacy in philly is over and this is new biginning i cant wait this is going to be something

  • Candice

    Whoever said AI is going back to being a ball hog which he never was, needs to talk to his Karl and teammates.They feel he being to passive and that’s one reason why Karl put Blake on the bench to put the ball in AI hands more.

    His shot attempts are down Assist are up more with his FG% and 3 pt% going up as well.

  • http://deleted Boyd

    Tariq my man, I am at university in Cariff, but originate from the westcountry area, non-to-far from Exeter, have family there. Are you on exchange or something? My good friend and former school team mate was captain of Exeter uni basketball team for two years, but that was probably before your time.

  • Boyd

    Soory, Cardiff

  • Tariq

    I’m doing an MA.

  • Iversonbrotha

    You would think that, knowing AI, he would never be afraid of taking more shot shots. but w/ carmelo . . . . . i dont know

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    Hey I live in Oregon and I cant find the mag with Iverson on the cover anywhere, the one with Lebron posing like the NBA sign is still on the stands. What stores sale the mag?

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    Just like last issue, the cover is an ultimate remix, George “Ice Man” Gervin a pure scoring machine’s old poster sitting on the ice thrown. Allen Iverson, a scoring machine playing for an old ABA team. Unlike the “Ice Man” AI will put all doubters on championship champaigne ice in the Mile High.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Boyd

    Yeah me too, in History, so are you English?

  • Cameron Wood

    Why is AI on the cover? why dont you put someone whos more deserving?! A.I. will always be a captivating player but right now hes not first in line. Plus whats he doing in Denver? cause they sure arent putting up the wins. Thanks for giving us blokes down in Sydney, basketball literature that isnt redundant. I picked up my first SLAM back when the rookies of A.I.’s class were on the cover, where was he at on that day?! Since then its only gotten better and better, thats a true sign of success. Congrats on the hard work.

  • Tariq

    No. I’m from Saudi Arabia.

  • Bill BIehl

    Cameron Wood has a point. What the hell has AI done to deserve a cover? Get traded? I have a list of people who deserve a cover more than allen iverson. Carlos Boozer; Joe Johnson; Steve Nash; Kevin Durant; the Mavericks; Michael Redd. I could go on and on, but im tired of typing.

  • rob stewart

    I would much rather read a cover story about A.I. in Denver than about JJ, Booze, Redd, Durant, and even Nash. I totally agree that A.I. has not worked/earned this cover. But as a basketball fan it is the correct cover for right now. Sometimes it is not about what you have done but what is being done to you. I also am a huge A.I. fan so of course I want to see A.I. on the cover

  • dogman

    jake–did you know that you’re interesting, enlightening and uh, even enthralling –sometimes?

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    hey wtf is this cold as ice ?? shit its all bull shit and fucking hore shit

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    Can Slam give Anthony Parker some love (not a cover or anything, but at least an article) so Candace doesn’t have all the bragging rights.

  • Cameron Wood

    Put Dwight Howard on the cover and do a comparison story to the young guy in the 90′s who goes by the name of Shaq. Do what you guys at SLAM do best and talk about how Dwight has come along and even made his first all star appearance this year. I know he was on the cover a while back but the guy has lived up to the hype…look up Kwame Brown. Thanks for giving us a place to speak our mind.

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    Dude could still pass for a rapper.

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    AI i was born and raised in jamaica and yes we play ball here, you’re one of my all time favorite players Keep doing thing man p.s. a ton load a people were the #3 because of you and i cant to get a AI nuggets jersey

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    i got to new york on saturday morning, and i saw this iverson issue in the first newsstand i saw (34th and broadway). i’m back in atlanta and still haven’t seen it. it pays to live in new york sometimes, huh? i had a blast in new york. i don’t think i could live there, but for a short visit, it’s a great, great city.

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    If kobe don’t get the next cover steve nash & dirk should get the next cove

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    Nice cuver. Im so glad AI n Melo r on the same team now. AI deserves 2 be on a winning team.

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    Best cover ever period. AI new start and he needs it man this is just the start of the new era for him lets just hope denver can fuken go on a major win streak

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    That Nigga’ Is Ballin

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    love having A.I. in denver but they are not doing well…. they’re below the .500 mark right now.. hope they’ll figure out what to do or else turmoil will start to rise.. please don’t im rooting for the nuggets! melo and AI.. do what you gotta do boi2x… k-mart and jr smith… hope for your fast recovery.. im out.. loved the AI cover though..

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    its about time ai gets his cover i mean the guy has been holding it down in the league…the cover is probably the nicest i have seen in a while…the story was amazing to…

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    I never recieved ish 106 and I got a subscription, who do I talk to about that?

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    Where the hell did you all learn to spell? I knew Iverson fans were dumb, but damn. Get a dictionary.

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    He is as Hot as the Sun.You is my faovrite PG Im glad you are on the cover rep the Devern Nuggets

  • Johnny Dee

    Interesting article on AI in the most recent Slam Magazine. I thought Mr. Appleman wrote it like a fan and not a reporter. Real hoop fans understand it’s not all about scoring. Philly has played better this season without AI and Denver is playing worse with him. An udder cop out to say Philly didn’t put good players around AI. Stackhouse, Hughes, Tim Thomas, Derrick Coleman, Chris Webber, Raja Bell are all good NBA players. AI just dominates the ball so much we don’t see the other guys skills. Also, free agents don’t want to go to a team where they know they won’t get touches.
    Enver will not win, no D.


  • Bill Biehl

    To Johnny: Word.

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    Two things. 1: Wassup with AI and ice? “Soul on Ice” then “Cold as ice”. Okay…
    2. SLAM curse update: Dennis Johnson: First time a mag curse killed someone.

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    I think the Spurs deserve a Cover. They are currently on a 11 and soon to be 12 game win streak after they win tonight. They are the most under appreciated team in the league. Many call them boring and not fun to watch, but hey they get the job done. People in minnesota always tell me, “the spurs are so boring to watch.” and i always tell them “how many rings do the t’wolves have?” and thats all i have to say.


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    Ok Slam im tired of seeing AI on the covers of slam get somebody that deserves it like KG whens the last time he got 1

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    God Bless Chad Nothe

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    Ah is this where I post for TrashTalk? NE wayz I just want to say Slam thanks for giving my boys Arenas, A.I.2, and Barbosa some ink. Oh and on page 38 you guys had a type-o. In the Chalk Talk about Gilbert on the third line from the bottom it say, “…Gilbert at the top of they key,” it should be THE key, just want to point that out. Thanks for a great issue all in all and I’m not even done with it yet.

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    iverson is one of my favorite players butbaron davis needs another cover.hook a brutha up

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    First you get the king down from his thrown to shoot some hoops and then A, man you doing it all at the moment. i’ma send some props fo’ gettin’ this mag back up off the floor.nice job. P.S. im out like shaun livingstons knee cap.

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    Allen Iverson’s son to JR Smith: “Mister Boykins, can I have your autograph?”


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    P.S i hope u put tha raptors Chris Bosh on tha next ish :)

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    Liked the cover, but I like it better if AI wore his shooting sleeve. It looks good on Him.

    O yea, The Nike 2nd coming ad was ill. Especially that Steve Nash “thuggish” expression, that was priceless.

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    Loved tha cover! AI is my # 1 balla that i really look up2. This jus adds up2 my collection of AI n SLAM books!! Thxs2 SLAM you hav tha hook-ups with keepin up with the news that is goin on from College2 tha NBA, Luv ya! Keep puttin’ AI on tha cover r at least bring him up with pics in em’ of him! Ballen4 LiFe!!!

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    oh my gosh! I cant belive it! I even wrote in to trash talk and asked for him to get a cover! He so deserves a cover. He has to share the glory with Melo and is still scorin’ big. He is my no.1 player and i dont think it will change!

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    Iverson just torched the phoenix suns right now 44 points Iverson and Melo look like there doing good rite now

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    This is one of the best covers you guys have ever done

  • PHogn

    Sup everyone, sometimes I think it is nuts for some people to think that automatically blow somebody can blow a team out because of past wins, their record, or just the team. Look wat happened to Phoenix when they came to Denver everyone I heard from gave me scores like 110 to 85. Sometimes the mighty will fall to the giant slayer

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    He wouldn’t deserve it if he was with the Sixers because of the fight AI and the coach had.

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    Finally some love for my man Deron Williams! Your magazine is ill but the covers are making me ill. I’m so sick of Carmelo and the nearly .500 Denver Nuggets. Why not give the good team’s players some love! how about a real cover with Boozer, Memo and Deron with Coach sloan in the background? I mean with that cover you got coach of the year and most improved player of the year and possibly the best 3 men on any team in the L!

    ps: dont mean to disrespect cuz i love your magazine, but why can’t people see that melo is such a one sided player that doesnt deserve the cred he gets?

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Five straight wins for the Nuggets! Went last night to see them play the Nets and they looked pretty good.

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  • mat

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  • nashizzle

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    Gotta give Anthony Parker so props because hes in my country of Canada and he’s BALLINN!

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  • Teresa


  • Teresa

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