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Jamal Mashburn is back, but not in a good way.

by Lang Whitaker

For some reason, there’s more news this offseason from former NBA players than there is from current guys. The latest comes from South Florida, where a man has filed a lawsuit in “excess of $15,000″ against former All Star forward Jamal Mashburn. The man says both he and Mashburn were playing golf, when Mash hit a tee shot that hit him in the eye.

According to the suit, Mashburn didn’t yell “fore” or warn the man in any other way, and as a result of the injury the man has permanently lost vision in one eye.

As a frequent golfer, I thought this was a little bit odd. First thing, when you’re out there on the course, there are several times I’ve come close to hitting someone else without yelling fore. Maybe the ball took a crazy bounce, or maybe Mashburn lost sight of the ball in the sun.

More than that, when you’re on the links you know there’s a chance something could happen. Golf balls have sailed near me plenty of times, both with and without warning. It’s a part of the game, for better or worse.

And this has nothing to do with anything, but anyone remember that old story in Sports Illustrated where Mashburn and some of his teammates went to a baseball game and a woman at the game mistook him for Tyrone Hill? Talk about needing a warning…

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  • Ben

    Could it be that man???



    …Don´t worry, it´s a german comedian

  • Heretik32

    So what is the “fore” there for exactly? For those blessed with superhuman reactions that are able to realize they were meant by the warning AND avert their head from whatever direction the ball comes from BEFORE it reaches them?

    Sounds highly unlikely.

  • http://benchrenaldo.blogspot.com mutoni

    yikes. getting mistaken for Tyronne Hill is about the worst thing that can happen to one’s self-esteem. I, for one, would be forced to break all of the mirrors in my house.

  • Tunez

    I would have to go ahead and sue that lady

  • Myung

    my friends and i were trying to come up with the all nba ugly team. can we get some help from you guys? we had sam i am at pg. the aforementioned tyrone hill was our pf. our center was ha seung jin. we need a sf and a sg. we concluded that 2 guard is the best looking position in the league. after this somewhat uncomfortable discussion, we went shopping and painted our nails and then went to the bathrooom together. you know…because we’re secure in our manhood and all. ahem. any input, guys? we need a starting shooting guard and a small forward to round out our team.

  • Mark T

    If youre making an all ugly team…please get Popeye Jones on there.

    And Ha isnt ugly…hes a regular looking Korean. Put Martynas Andrickecvisensaifjn in there at centre.

  • Myung

    c’mon now…i’m korean.

    i’m not sure whether or not to get upset at your comment or not, though i’m sure you meant no harm.

    but trust me, bro. seung jin ain’t no regular looking korean, not even considering the fact that he’s 7 feet tall

    byung hyun kim, park chan ho, and jae seo are regular looking koreans (mlb players). ha seung jin is no regular looking korean.

    but we’d definitely have to give popeye jones a roster spot. good call.

  • Delicious J

    Myung is right man. There’s a big Korean population here in Big D, Ha don’t look like no Koreans I know!

  • will

    I just this wanted to know what the hell happen to the rainman. He was my all time player 6 time allstar,but now 6 time drugeee he would be a great canadate for intervation sorry kemp u were the man but not now. Lots of love to the glove he got his ring. Peac out

  • Keller

    Ha at center? C’mon now, Chris Kaman makes Ha look like Antonio Banderas.

  • Dave

    At high altitudes the human form undergoes drastic changes. That’s why you can form two deep All-Ugly squads just from the centers: PJ Ramos, DJ Mbenga and Adonal Foyle lead the pack, followed by guys like Chris Kamen and Martynas and Robert Swift.

    Nick Van Exel and Bonzi Wells have that pinhead thing going for them, while Anthony Johnson’s lack of a neck is unique in a league where pretty much everyone can be described as “long.” And have we mentioned Tracy McGrady yet? He looks like the Squid Admiral who directed the attack on the Death Star.

  • myung

    I always thought tmac looked like urkel, sans the glasses. Lol, keller. Touche.

  • Mighty

    i can’t believe you guys left out….Anthony “pig” Miller