Saturday, July 29th, 2006 at 1:09 pm  |  21 responses

Snakes On A Cover

At least we beat Entertainment Weekly…

by Lang Whitaker

SLAM editor Ryan Jones suggested this…we beat them, right?

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  • Waxtron

    Sam>Kobe For all of non-Matheltic types that says Sam Jackson is greater than Kobe’s lame ass.

  • http://thehype.wordpress.com Hype

    Though I probably should’ve said it when you guys did the EW Guessed It thing, but I was thinking the exact same thing… (So self-props to myself :p)

  • PaTtY

    When you get to Kobe’s level its okay to talk trash. Until then keep your mouths shut and witness history

  • Ryan

    The big difference is that, in the case of our cover, the snake is most likely scared of Kobe. Understandably.

  • cam’rom

    Put on my lakers jersey (number8), then i got rape white.

  • indy

    godness slams hate on kobe is just unbeliveable.
    Kobe is stupid. Why did he work with Slam if they continued bash him whenever they got a chance?

  • Nadav

    Le Big Mac

  • MrTweaks

    I don’t get it….There are 2 pictures…with different purposes and visual impact, they tell different stories.What’s the big deal?! The Kobe hate is just plain stupid, most of it made on ENVY and FRUSTRATION. In all human history…”kobes” have been succesfull people in their respective lifes.Modesty is the antourage of mediocricy…so most people should rething their “love” for…modest..humble players.
    Kobe is………above.Bottom line.

  • Vyse

    The Kobe hate is very salient. From what we’ve seen he’s not a particularly great person, he shoots a lot, he gives up on games, and his defense has been horrible ever since Shaq left. And for other people, they can point to the Shaq trade and how Shaq got his team another title, while Kobe likely never will.

  • Jerry

    All I have to say is………… 81

  • Bomb

    “and his defense has been horrible ever since Shaq left”

    Are you kidding me? Do you watch Lakers games? I agree he can’t concentrate as much on defense since he has to carry a huge offensive burden, but if you’ve seen him play, you know his defense is solid. And any guard’s defnse is bound to change dynamics once there is no 7’1 300 pound monster in the middle. I really think you’re not giving him enough credit.

    Oh yeah, Lang, btw, SLAM has fallen of big time. All this Kobe hating isn’t helping either. I know alot of people kiss your ass here on this particular site, but there are a lot of fans out there in forums who think you guys have fallen off big time. I only respect Sam, Khalid and Ryan Jones from your writing crew. Even Scoop fell off since he joined BSPN (one of his articles during the NBA playoffs were so bizzarre that I couldn’t bother reading it the whole way through…a first for me in terms of Scoop). And you Lang; you are so ridiculously biased and contradictory that I dont even need to say anything. I don’t think Slam has particularly fallen off (as much as others do), and as you can see, I’m still on your site (often for Sam’s writings), but you guys need to stop being such assholes when it comes to matters like Kobe, all the while you’re giving props to a TRUE on-court idiot like Starbury.

    — End rant —

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    I agree with Bomb re: Kobe’s defense. I can (and do) hate on his offensive game, but he’s one of the best defenders in the NBA.

    As for the other stuff…whatever.

  • Bomb

    “As for the other stuff…whatever.”

    I apologize if it was a bit harsh but you guys were my favourite mag growing up (my first cover was the Odom in ’99 one) and I find it wierd that I’m agreeing with you guys falling off. Lang, I do respect you as a writer but I just don’t like your stance on certain issues (Kobe, Starbury etc)…and that’s changeable. The site is still good so keep that up…just be careful with the content. That whole “Kobe to ATL” thing, no matter if you were half kidding, caught a lot of flack in forums. I know it doesn’t matter to you anyway cause you’re still gonna have a lot of ppl who read your site but take it easy on the haterade sometimes.

  • Froggiestyle

    Tee Hee,

    Now aren’t y’all glad you opened up the floodgates / bloggates. ;0)

    PS. If you need an extra admin to zap the “overly whiny” holla at me. j/k

    PPS. Dear Mista “Bomb” unfortunately every angle of analysis concerning KB can be true (and if you read enough of Lang’s comments you’d know he’s mentioned them all) – ie. He’s great, he’s weak, he’s a leader, he’s a pouter, etc. KB’s kinda like a potpourri and you never know in advance which Kobe du jour you’re gonna get.

  • http://thehype.wordpress.com Hype

    Hehe, I second Froggiestyle’s thinking. I imagine this is what Lang’s Inbox must look like every time he mentiones Kobe. Seriously.. the topic was about a freakin entertainment cover, and they didn’t even write anything about KB, geez people.. y’all need to just relax and realize you can’t covert everyone to just say “KOBE RULEs!”, just like Lang probably can’t covert everyone to hate on Kobe (not that it’s what he’s doing, I’m just saying..)

    Ahh, he probably doesn’t need me defending him, but just the same, needs to be said.

  • Walt

    Sam aint have shit better else to do then some garbage ass movie entitled Snakes on a Plane. And Kobe is one of the premiere defenders in the game all the hatred is unnessecary. This is a basketball blog so one should leave the personal feelings aside and judge the persons game. Kobe is great, the heat wont win another title and haters should die slow… until then all I have to say is…..81!

  • Sonics-206

    “Snakes on a motherf&*&ing PLANE!”

    Just wanted to state that.

  • Joe_X

    Hollywood has sunk to new lows. Snakes on a plane…. let’s hope the movie isn’t as ridiculous and mind-numbing as the premise is.

  • http://www.slamonline.com jose fernandez

    kobe bryant 81 point game 1/22/06

  • jone

    omar epps is greater then kobe… kobe is a punk… who’s only playing for himself… pass the ball man… wade & LBJ has passed you in basketball maturity… wake up man… its a team game.

  • Stevo

    Man… U know that one Nike Ad?

    with the hate and loved for the exact same reasons?

    talk about telling it like it is…

    and not to say anything, but i think SLAM had greater writing back in the days spree was on the cover and Larry Johnson was getting laid. But it does have a better noyz section and more cool sectioning, still the writing was better then. Kenny Smith? Missed the dude, actually. and Lang’s a good writer who needs a vacation (whats your bosses doin, lang?) before he burnsout or has a breakdown.