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In the new issue of SLAM, we get at both Greg Oden and Kevin Durant. Who’s number one? Lang Whitaker reports. You decide.

by Lang Whitaker

Those who are successful in life often preach a similar message: Learn from your errors. And after SLAM 109 dropped with both our cover subjects sitting at home, we didn’t want to go there again. We knew SLAM issue 110 would hit newsstands just as the NBA Finals were getting underway. And considering that we began working on this issue during the first round of the Playoffs, we didn’t want to guess (and miss) again.

This cover, actually, was sort of a no-brainer. We knew the biggest story of the summer, aside from the NBA Finals, was going to be the Draft. And we hadn’t been able to properly get at Kevin Durant or Greg Oden during the NCAA season. They’d both been in the magazine a few times, but neither guy had really had their full say. So, we figured, why not holler at both of them?

Our initial idea was to shoot them together, which hadn’t been done. We nearly pulled that off, until both of their schedules went completely haywire at the last minute. So we did the next best thing: We shot and interviewed each of them in their hometowns, Greg in Indianapolis and Kevin in Washington D.C. (Right about here I should probably issue a big thanks to both Greg and Kevin and their assorted people for all their help making this cover happen.)

Originally we were going to write two separate stories on the guys, giving each of them 8 pages to ramble on. But as our schedules and their schedules got all tangled up, I somehow ended up in charge of writing one big story, telling both of their tales and exploring their NBA futures. And yeah, there was a lot to get in there, not to mention (even though I’m mentioning it now) that the NBA Draft Lottery was going to happen one night after the entire magazine went to the printer.

One night I was sitting around trying to figure out how to write this beast, and I flipped past one of the early Democratic debates. Bingo. After all, the whole Draft process was going to be about figuring out who to pick first, regardless of which team ended up with the first pick. I’d also been thinking about how Kevin and Greg were going to forever be connected, almost like Magic and Bird. Even though they come from different parts of the country, play different positions on the court and own dissimilar body types, Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will forever be their generation’s Larry and Magic, the two best players of their era, tied together through hype and hope as much as anything else.

We ended up calling the story “Decision 2007,” and I asked both Oden and Durant the exact same questions. I looked at it like I was the NBA team with the first pick and this was their job interview, their chance to convince me they should be the first pick. Both guys gamely submitted, and they said some pretty interesting stuff. We talked about their college days, their work ethics, how they decided to go pro, their thoughts on the NBA. A quick excerpt…

SLAM: What was the whole college experience like for you?

GO: I loved it. Just being around the students and being able to go out and have fun with people of your age, your peers, who love to learn and go out and have fun with each other. Especially being at Ohio State, with so many people, you get to meet new people every day.

KD: For me it was a big adjustment. Coming from a real small high school, there was a lot of people at Texas. But it was fun learning new things, seeing new people every day, so it was a great experience for me. I also went to all the home football games. I never went to a school with a football team before, so every chance I got to support the football team I went.

SLAM: Do you think you could have played in the NBA straight out of high school?

KD: I don’t even know, man. But I know right now I have a better chance of being an OK player in the NBA because I went to college. I’ve matured a lot. It was a blessing in disguise, really. A lot of people say, Man, they’re not letting those kids get that money. But it helped me out so much that I don’t even care.

GO: No, I don’t think I was ready for it straight out of high school. Just gaining experience and being able to learn so much, especially the attention to detail in the college game. Being able to have this year playing against different competition that’s not high school guys, that helped me a lot.

SLAM: Is it fair that you guys will always be compared to each other?

KD: If we played one-on-one he’d probably take me, because he’s too big and strong for me. With Magic and Bird it was different, because they actually played against each other in college. With me and Greg, people have just been saying since high school that we were one and two. People talked about one more than the other, whatever. But Greg and I play two different positions. It’s not even the same thing at all.

GO: When they compare us, hands down he’s going to win in a one-on-one game because that’s his game. I’m a big man—I go in the post and I dunk the ball and I rebound and block shots. His game is outside. When you compare us one-on-one he’s going to win, that’s unfair to me. You’ve got people who look at us as the best college players. I know he is, I don’t know if I’m up there yet.

SLAM: Why should you be the first pick in the Draft?

GO: Because I’m going to be a hard worker. I’m going to come in and I’m going to contribute. I’m going to play my game and I’m not going to try to take over and mess up the atmosphere. I’m going to be a good person, I’ll do my part, work hard and do what’s best for my team to win.

KD: I think I have a winning mentality. Even though I’m young, I can bring leadership to an organization. I’m just cold-blooded. I really don’t care. Whoever’s in front of me, I’m going to do my best to destroy them. Younger people might back down sometimes, but I think I’m a tough player and I don’t back down from anything—I accept challenges. I know it’s going to be hard, but everything you have to face is hard. I’ll be young, and I’m sure people will write me off and say I’m too small or not ready, but I’ve been going through that my whole life.

SLAM: Let’s say you just got drafted first overall. What will you tell that team’s fans?

GO: I’m going to come in, I’m going to be a good person to the city and the organization. I’m going to work my hardest to try to make that team the best that it can possibly be.

KD: Just like I told them at Texas: I’m going to be a hard worker, going to be an emotional player, a passionate player, and I’m just going to try my best to help the organization out. That’s all I can say.

There’s plenty more in the mag, but there’s a few highlights. Just like Fox News, I didn’t do any editorializing in the story: It’s just straight reporting, to give you guys the chance to decide who you’d select first overall.

That said, after being one of the few people in the world to spend significant one-on-one time with both dudes over the last few weeks, I think I know who I’d pick.

I loved Greg Oden. During the photo shoot he rolled in and was all laughs and smiles, joking around. He told our photo editor that he’d always planned on being a dentist…until his hands grew too big. He reminded me a lot of Shaq, with that same sense of humor and playfulness. But unlike Shaq, Greg has an overwhelming modesty, always underplaying his ability and skills. Check that quote above about how he doesn’t even know if he was one of the best college players last year. I don’t know how much of that is an act and how much of that is really real, but I got the sense that he’s really like that.

Kevin Durant was completely different. He came to our shoot with his Mom and he stayed pretty quiet throughout. I’m used to being around these young guys, but until his Mom mentioned it off-handedly, I forgot that Kevin is still just 18 years old. Still, he had an intensity and seriousness about him you don’t often see in 18 year olds.

All of that being said, if I had the first pick in the Draft, I’d take…

Kevin Durant. Look, both of these guys are going to be awesome NBA players — that’s basically a given. But if I had the first pick, I’d want the guy who’s going to be a legend, or at least give everything he has while trying to become a legend. I’m not saying Greg won’t be a legend, but I can’t get this one quote from Kevin out of my head: “I’m just cold-blooded. I really don’t care. Whoever’s in front of me, I’m going to do my best to destroy them.”

He didn’t sound arrogant when he said it, he just kind of threw it out there casually, but you could tell he meant it. And that’s the mindset I’d want to build my franchise around.

Anyway, SLAM 110 officially drops in about two weeks, but it’ll probably start showing up on newsstands later this week. There’s plenty of other great stuff in there, from the Warriors to Joakim Noah’s first rookie diary (which is great — Joakim’s the first rookie diary keeper to talk about Suge Knight) to T-Mac to Boozer to LeBron.

Now it’s your turn: Who would you pick first?

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  • Bryant Reeves

    That’s great that they both said the other would beat them one-on-one. Classy. I’d take Oden just because there are so few high quality big men. You wouldn’t be wrong choosing Durant either, though.

  • http://www.lkz.ch/basket Darksaber

    Both look kinda scrawny on the title page but hey, that’s modern forward/center’s for ya. No more biceps à la Malone, Robinson or Mourning in today’s Nba i guess.

  • nexus6

    now THAT’s a cover.great job guys.you’re finally back at the top of the game.i knew you wouldn’t screw twice in a row.i can’t wait.

  • nexus6

    PLEASE,Seattle fans.do something,anything.i want to see Durant in a Seattle jersey.the Sonics absolutely have to STAY RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE.and i’m talking about the city,not the Northwest Divison standings…….

  • Allenp

    The cold-blooded comment was awesome, but I don’t know.

    I could totally see Kobe saying that coming out of high school and I could totally see Tim Duncan speaking like Oden. Then who would be the right choice?

  • AB_40

    I have said Oden over Durant all year long but yeah that quote damn it’s got me seccond guessing. Hell I’ll still take oden. Man I can’t believe these guys are my age. And they’re goin to the nba.

  • Cheryl

    I’d take Greg, because the cycle of dominant bigs will come back around, and the team with Greg will have the advantage. Pretty soon, maybe next season, the league is going to have to do something about the no-touch stuff being called because it has led to that offensive-to-basketball-purists crap called “the flop”. You’ve got to be able to guard the guards of the league, otherwise you might as well play net ball (y’all know what that is?), otherwise you get folks falling all over the court trying to convince the refs that somebody knocked you down. Ridiculous. Anyway, when that time comes, the low post will again be just as important as guard play. Finally, since Portland has the pick, Greg will be well coached and fits the Blazers re-deux.

  • http://wherespmac.blogspot.com Justin Adler

    real dope cover. I can’t wait to read the Warriors feature.

  • Ron

    The decision is really based on the team making that pick. I can’t think of it in terms of whatever teams gets the pick since Portland has the pick. So if I was the Blazers, I’d take Oden because he he fit a role on a team full of young talent. Wear as Durant would fit the franchise player role. I think Portland has the pieces to be a young team full of role players that fit together like the Pistons.

  • http://www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/hollie30 Billy Blanks

    If I was a GM, it really would depend on what my biggest need was. You can’t go wrong either way, but if it was an expansion draft I’d take Durant. Bigs control the game, but if u need a late basket u need a great perimeter player to break down the defense, and I think Durant could average 20 right outta the gate.

  • Eoin

    Damn.I’m with Lang.That quote was just awesome.Even before Lang went and editorialised it, I was thinking “How do you NOT pick Durant after reading the fourth question?”I mean, that was really setting himself up too-if he’s going to go around saying he’s cold blooded, he knows he has to back it up on the court.I think he’d really make Portland ready to win right away too – I mean, Zach’s still young-ish and he gives them post scoring.Aldridge has that athleticism you look for in modern centres.Add a backcourt of Jarret Jack and ROY, and then Durant on the wing…I mean, isn’t that team a pretty good shot to make the playoffs?And they’d all be growing up together.Zach’s behaviour has been questionable, but it’s been getting better and last year he really showed how good he can be scoring in the post.And with a legit wing to take the pressure off him, he could be even better.Durant necessitates less work for Pritchard too – he doesn’t have to blow the team up.

  • Dblizzy!

    It’s a real toss up, if you want a sure thing i think you go with Durant. With his game I’m pretty sure he’ll become a really good if not great scorer. If you are willing to take a chance I would go with Oden. He could turn into Bill Russell with that game changing defensive ability, or he could be an average center that gives you 10 and 10. I think Portland has enough fire power so going with Oden might be the right choice.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Emry DowningHall

    That’s great stuff!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Strong answers do not the better player make. G.O. all day (though Durant is obviously a future All-Star himself).

  • Starchild

    As much as I like Greg, I’d take KD. Like he said, he’s a killer and he could offset a good big man. I just dont really get the feeling that Oden is gonna be a 20+ 10+ guy consistently. Kevin is gonna average at least 19+ppg next year. Promise. I won’t even mention the marketing aspect Durant brings

  • Starchild

    plus, everybody talks about Duncan and Shaq dominating but Duncan had another great big man with him and a great team around him. Shaq also had a great team around him. I’d rather have a great swingman with an average team than a great big man with an average squad

  • Nothin_personal

    If I am the Blazers, I have to love that mentality, in a team with so many egos. With Greg coming of the bench for a year, they are a playoff team (here’s saying youngsters like Jack, Outlaw, maybe even Webster who’ll get plenty of open looks with so much inside power, come through this year). If they get ther, theat will bolster the value of Zach and Darius, and trade their way into contenders.

  • rg

    i’ll agree with lang and go with kd. that cold-blooded line made me believe this kid is really for real and he’s gonna jump in the l and handle his biz.

  • Nothin_personal

    On the other hand, Durant would be perfect for Seattle. 15-20 mins a game of Allen, Rashard and Durant with Ridnour running the fastbreak, and Wilcox trailing for the dunk, would propel them near the top of the fun-chart. They’d have to sit back in a zone, since they couldn’t man to man anybody, and Durant can’t be playing in crunch time until he bulks up a bit, but that’s just their ticket in the Mayo-Love-Rose etc Lottery. After that, they move to Vegas, trade Allen for a big man, and BOOM, another contender has surfaced!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Sick cover, y’all. It’s funny—this is like a crazy throwback draft with skinny dudes coming out of college. And I take Oden first and don’t look back. I understand the whole “the Blazers don’t want to miss out on another Jordan.” But Greg Oden isn’t Sam f*cking Bowie. He’s more like Olajuwon. And I don’t think the Rockets have too many regrets having picked him.

  • Nothin_personal

    God you guys believe anything somebody says. No wonder you let George W. drug you into war for his company to make money.

  • Steve O

    I haven’t seen Oden play in person but I have seen Durant. KD is the truth and dropped the quietest 37 I have ever seen. He’s got to go #1.

  • Eoin

    I know it might seem ridiculous to take a guy on the basis of a quote, but that’s how they do things in the real world – I refer you to the concept of a “job interview”.Perhaps you have had one.Another reason to take Durant: he both has the most upside AND is the better player right now.If we’re talking upside, Durant could be the next great one, in the line of MJ/Kobe/Bron.If we’re talking talent, his Texas team was average and had a coach that wouldn’t GIVE HIM THE DAMN BALL.And he still killed it.So I take KD because he’s better now and he has the chance to be waaaaaaay better later.

  • Eoin

    And, naturally, because that quote was awesome.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Darksaber, have you ever seen a picture of Bill Russell in his playing days?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    And where you from again, N_p?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    And as I just told Ben on the phone, cover and concept are DOPE.

  • Chris

    Dominant big men win championships in today’s NBA. Excluding the Pistons (who were fairly balanced) Shaq and Duncan have won all the chips since Jordan retired (unless Lebron changes that in the next couple of weeks). That’s why I would take Oden because defense still wins championships. They’ve been a lot of great (good?) swing men that can’t carry a team out of the first round (I’m looking at you Mac and Kobe and Melo)

  • Cheryl

    And I want to go on record saying that Corey Brewer may surpass Durant when their careers are done. I don’t think you can go wrong with numbers one through 5, much like the draft class of ’03.

  • Nothin_personal

    Living in Greece, thats not in the middle East, if that’s what you are asking!

  • Co Co

    Kevin Durant all day. I agree with you about his quietness Lang. I was at the Oscar Robertson breakfast and he was the award recipient, but you wouldn’t have known he was there if you didn’t know he was there if you know what I mean. He’s not a very imposing figure and he’s skinny as he**! But I think he’s a star.

  • Co Co

    Cheryl I like Corey Brewer too and if my Hawks hadn’t drafted small forwards the past couple of years I’d so be all over them taking him!

  • Kene

    …awesome article. The thing is, Greg Oden has it in him to be a game-breaker…you know, the kind of player that just DESTROYS the other team’s offensive game plan. His offensive game isn’t bad either. I just don’t know if he’ll be able to wake the monster within him on a consistent basis. Its kinda like how it took Yao so long to live up to his potential. On the other hand, watching KD at Texas this past year was a revelation. That dude is a killer. He’d go through games playing his role and not getting upset with Rick Barnes for NEVER calling plays for him, but whenever the game was in jeopardy or his team needed a boost, then just like *THAT* he’d take over the game. Coach Barnes STILL wouldn’t be calling plays for him, but he’d just go get the ball off the glass and start draining ridiculous shots from everywhere….and I mean everywhere. This kid has more low-post moves than most NBA centers. He really is cold-blooded and he’s about to make Ray Allen VERY happy.

  • Kene

    ..lol…umm Cheryl, Corey Brewer is this draft’s Josh Howard, but there is NO way he ends up a better pro than Durant…no way.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    N_p: My geography is better than that, my “European” friend — as is, I hope, your ability to see past generalizations regarding a country of a few hundred million. But back to basketball…

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Oden seems like a funny cat—not that I’ve ever spoken to him. He’s obviously modest and polite to a fault, and I can’t decide whether that’s a positive or a negative. I tend to think his modesty—he wasn’t ready for the L last year?—will keep him from EVER being satisfied with his game, even if he’s averaging 25 and 12. Then again, you know what they say about nice guys. I still like him at No. 1, though. Um, as I said.

  • Nothin_personal

    Come on, I even used “drug” instead of drag, to point out that it was meant as a joke! You can’t deny though that the media down there love the cliche’s like “being the man” and stuff, and that kind of gets passed to the public.

  • Nothin_personal

    As for Oden, I think that Allenp’s comparison about Duncan-Oden, was quite on point. You don’t have to talk the talk to walk the walk!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    No joking about my country, N_p. We’ll bomb you. You know we will.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    America, f*ck yeah!

  • Nothin_personal

    What would Paul Allen have to do for the Blazers to acquire the second pick to go with the first they won? Would half his money, Zach, Darius and a sign and trade for Magloire do the trick?

  • http://www.lkz.ch/basket Darksaber

    Yeah Ryan seen Big Bill pics , he was cut by the way, for an era where perfomance enhancing drugs were of the coca plant type. Bet you, Russel was not as skinny as the durant guy looked, but hey, if Reggie can make a good career playing ball, who am i to judge? For my money, it’s Bron over Tayshaun, buildwise and in terms of athletism. But that’s neither here nor there. Good feature Lang, hate the disco psychadelic colored cover though

  • Nothin_personal

    LOL! The funniest part is that since I am a Greek Cypriot, technically, yo’ve done just that a few years back. They even found some oil just south of the island! I think I will go to the bomb shelter now…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    He was defined, Saber, but he was NOT big. I think size in basketball is one of the most overhyped things, especially in a historical context — the idea that 6-10 is “undersized” for a center, as if there’s ever been an era full of capable 7-footers. Would be cool if Russell was snorting coke on the sidelines, though…
    And N_p, you guys have oil? Dude, we’ll be there later today — to, uh, bring democracy, of course.

  • Dennard

    Once again another sick cover. I can’t wait till this one hits the mailbox.

  • J.

    I’d have to take Oden, not only because he’s a big man but because he’s in the West. All the teams that have ended up in the Finals from the West for the last however many years have all had good bigs…Shaq, Duncan, the Admiral, Olajuwon…and they have all won. Since Durant is in the mode of Garnett-type player, Oden would be my pick since he is a traditional big man. Like Oden said if you compare their game one on one Durant stands out, but Oden is going to be consistent and you know what you’re going to get from him, consistency.

  • http://www.BlacktopHustler.com JayC

    one of these guys is gonna fall in the sonics lap and save seattle basketball!!

  • http://the-second-coming.blogspot.com Kyle S

    Completely agree with taking Durant first. It’s going to be really interesting in Portland, who passed up the gunning off guard and picked the big Sam Bowie last time they were up this high.


  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Back to the topic at hand: I’m stealing this from True Hoop, who stole it from that dude in Portland:
    “The Oregonian got the results of the various tests at the pre-draft camp in Orlando, and found Greg Oden to be impressive. Faster and more agile than Durant, even, at least by these measures…
    -Oden is faster than Durant in the 3/4-court sprint, quicker in the lane-agility drill, and has better numbers in the running and standing vertical leaps. And, Oden has a mind-boggling 7.8 body-fat percentage…
    -Oden is 6-foot-11 without shoes, 7-feet with shoes.
    -He weighs 257 pounds.
    -His wingspan is 7 feet, 4.25 inches (fourth best in the draft). His standing reach is 9 feet, 4 inches (the highest of anyone in the draft). His standing vertical is 32 inches, his running vertical 34 inches.
    -The lane agility drill, where a player runs through cones alternating between running backward, sideways and forward, is 11.67 seconds. And his 3/4 court sprint was 3.27 seconds.
    -The thing that jumps out is Oden’s speed and agility.
    -We all know Oregon’s Aaron Brooks is fast. Brooks finished the 3/4 court sprint in 3.2 seconds. Oden was 3.27 seconds. Durant, meanwhile, finished in 3.45.
    -Oden’s 11.67 in the agility drill speaks volumes to the footwork so many scouts rave about. Durant did the same drill in 12.33.
    TRANSLATION: Greg Oden is a freak.

  • grim reaper

    I think something that Portland should consider is who will give them the largest match up advantage. No disrespect to Durrant but heck the NW region has some good small forwards and zero good big men. Oden would be the most dominant playing in his position in his division. Plus could he come in and be the third best center? Put him behind O’Neal and Duncan?

  • http://www.mrwiggleslovesyou.com shu

    Wow… 7.8% body fat?? Take that Oliver Miller!! So what ever happened to the Baron Davis/Kirk Hinrich cover? I guess I was fooled by all you pranksters.

  • grim reaper

    Zero good centers Nene aint cutting it and Camby might wiegh less than Oden.

  • hansosword

    Being a senior citizen by SLAM standards, i remember a time when college freshmen were not ready for the NBA. Now, I’m not going to harp on this forever but the level of play has gone down a little since the 80′s and 90′s ( which is why every year veteran teams win the chip..Spurs07). That’s okay though…I still love the game. So, to get the subject at hand; you have to consider the possibility that neither Oden or Durant will dominate right out the gate. We’ve been spoiled in recent years by the uber-talented Bron,Melo,Amare and Dwight Howards and have come to expect 18 year olds to destroy the comp.But not every youngster is ready right away, and most take a few seasons to kill(Kobe,Tmac,jermaine,etc), and some never develop ( Ndudi Ebi most recently).
    So what’s my point? In todays NBA, where the center position is as weak as it’s ever been, Oden is the best chance you have to change your team. His atleticism WILL command a double team. There are maybe 3 guys in the L who can guard him straight up. That’s why Oden will be the 1st pick in the draft.

  • hansosword

    P.S. Of course it laughable now, but there’s a reason why Darko was chosen ahead of Melo and Wade. College dominance doesn’t always translate into NBA caliber. A talented big is very rare and teams will always pull the trigger at the chance to get one.ODEN07

  • chiqo

    durant, but probably just because i’m a homer.

  • Allenp

    Starchild says:
    plus, everybody talks about Duncan and Shaq dominating but Duncan had another great big man with him and a great team around him. Shaq also had a great team around him. I’d rather have a great swingman with an average team than a great big man with an average squad

    The 2003 Spurs did not have dominant talent, and they won the chip.

  • http://www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/hollie30 Billy Blanks

    Wow….Oden isn’t a freak, he’s a mutant!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Um. Those numbers actually scare me.

  • Holiday

    Maybe Im wrong but I don’t see a great scorer in Oden, I think he’ll be a dominant defender and rebounder and maybe 10-15 ppg! so it really depends on what kind of team he goes to, but then again Big Ben didn’t need to score to be great!

  • thesubwayconnection

    If I’m Portland, Oden. Only because they have a crowded wing spot, and LaMarcus and Zach. Seattle would be a great fit for Durant, too. Quieter atmosphere, less “big city” than somewhere like NY or ATL (sorry, Lang). He seems like the smaller-market type. Allenp’s comparison is on point. The guy Oden reminds me of the most is the Robot. Quiet humor and straight fundamentals. No flash. The Robot was better polished offensively out of college, though. But I could see him being the same type of player.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cub Buenning

    I love the fact that i’ll get to see these cats play a couple times a year! Love that Northwest Division!

    Cover looks great….

  • drew

    Loved the sly Fox News dig- good on ya, L. Haven’t had time to read all the comments but I wonder how many caught that? :)

  • Jumbo

    Oh please. Oden all the way. I’m cold blooded. I don’t care who I’m playing against, I want to destroy at all times. Seriously, I’ve got a fire in my belly. Doesn’t mean you should take me with the first pick in the NBA lottery.

  • Chris

    holy crap, i wouldn’t have guess that Oden was a better athlete than Durant.That’s rare a big man that can beat most forwards down the floor. plus good foot work good hands and a work ethic. If you’ve got the number 1 pick you HAVE to take ODEN #1

  • Nabeel

    nice cover. I’d choose Greg Oden just beacause he’s a big man your not used to seeing at the draft and he’s gonna be a legend. I think he’s ognna be that next big man in the L. Kevin Durant is really good to but I want to see how he’ll do against bigger, tougher, and stronger players. GO can probably oversize many centres in the league already.

  • Tariq

    Come on Lang: You’re full of it, all due respect. I mean, I haven’t seen either of them play, and at this point, it’s really anyone’s guess who will turn out to be the better player. But you’re looking at the situation from the perspective of someone who ain’t got ish to lose. If I’m a GM, nobody can blame me if I take Oden, just because that’s what everyone expects. If you take Durant, however, you put yourself in a position where people will start questioning you decision from day 1, and pressure will mount. It’s kinda like the LeBron pick. Hey, you can do a lot worse than Wade and Melo, but if you don’t pick Bron, you’re screwed. Even if Bron had turned out to be not as good as the other two, you couldn’t have blamed the Cavs too much. That’s why it’s great to be Seattle. Have Portland do the decision-making, and you really can’t lose either way.

  • Dennard

    I take Oden with the 1st pick. Durant has better offensive skills, but as Russ mentioned Oden’s skill set is very similar to a young Hakeem Olajuwon. You add that with the nucleus Portland already has, you have a powerhouse in the making.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    @Tariq: I am looking at this like someone who ain’t got ish to lose, but I’m also looking at this as someone who had the chance to interview these guys as though I were a GM trying to figure out which one to draft. Oden might be the better rookie, but long-term I’d still take Durant. Which doesn’t mean I think Oden’s going to suck or anything. They’ll both be multiple-time All-Stars and All-NBA guys.

  • Marques

    Oden with the 1st pick. AllenP made a great reference to Kobe & Duncan. Big Men win championships…don’t let Mike fool ya!

  • Chukaz

    I know that by sick everybody means that the cover makes them feel sick. Please tell me this isn’t the real cover before I throw up. They haven’t done sh*t in the L and they got a cover all ready? The cover should have gone to Baron (no need for nick names, you all know who it is) ,J-Rich or you guys should have used Stephen Jackson’s fake cover but with him holding guns on his hands.

  • Holiday

    I think either would be a good #1 pick, but Portland would benifit more from Oden because they have scoring and Oden would allow them to ship Randolph out! Reboundin and interior defense is something they lack!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Just for the heck of it I was going back and reading analysis of old drafts and interviews with other would-be lottery picks. I found this ESPN take on a guy from 2000: “This guy can flat out light it up. He led the nation in scoring at better than 24 points a game, and he has what they call the total pro game.” That was about, um, Courtney Alexander. I’m not saying Durant is Courtney Alexander—far from it—just that you NEVER know. Oden’s close to seven feet tall, an athletic freak, potentially the nicest guy on the face of the Earth, and he led his team to the NCAA championship game (and scored 25 points in it) all while shooting with his weak hand. How do you NOT take that guy?

  • lone jazz

    Yo holiday, u r a f*cking retard anyone would do good with oden and f*ck u ,none of the nba plays d

  • http://www.insidehoops.com timo

    not really on this topic, but if i were to send in a certain letter involving poor working conditions and certain prominent shoe companies, would this be considered slander? hit me up…

  • David

    I thought someone on here, maybe Lang, once likened these two to picking between David Robinson and Tracy McGrady. I think that comparison still sounds fair. The cover looks good. I think it might have looked better if it was in a boxing promo style but I guess I’ve just been playing too much fight night

  • Dennard

    Russ I can’t stop laughing at the Courtney Alexander quote. That sounds like a Dickie V special. Oden will come in next season and block 2.5 to 3.0 shots a game next year. That needs to low FG% for opponents next season. But either way you can’t go wrong. I would have to take Oden if I were the GM. Damn the West is going to be a BEAST next year.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    This is a great quote too, from a scout named Alan Sepinwall in 1993: “Terry Dehere likes to score. A lot. He will shoot from anywhere on the floor, and he *can* shoot from anywhere on the floor. He will drive to the hole with authority and slam with even more. He loves the ball with the game on the line, because he can either shoot his team to victory or else get to the line, where he’s almost automatic at the end of games. He will be a great NBA player.”

  • http://www.garrettelliott.com Garrett

    Hey, who are those two skinny guys?

  • Sparker

    ryan, that was great stuff. worth a counter article at minimum

  • me

    if i’m portland i’m taking durant

  • IllyPhilly6

    Greg Oden = Emeka Okafor 2.0
    Kevin Durant = Rashard Lewis Lite

  • Joel O’s

    What impressed me so much was their humility: both said that the other would cream them in a one-on-one matchup. A good change from the usual trash talking inflated heads. Can’t wait to see em in the league.

  • g

    can’t wait for this ish… thanks.

  • Joel O’s

    Between the next Bill Russell and the next KG, I’m taking the next Bill Russell.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Speaking of Draft predictions, here’s a four-year-old quote from Charley Rosen…

  • http://www.streetballmoneymaker.com SBMM

    Oden should be 1 pick, portland needs a big man !

  • nacho

    oden, its a no brainer. like lebron and melo in 03′ you couldnt go wrong with either player. but as we have all “witnessed” you dont pass on a sure thing.

  • FR

    I would have to look at what I need the most, for portland easily oden becuase they need a big man,for seattle it dont really matter Ray allen+oden would be a great duo but i think durant and allen are gonna go pretty far, after a while Durants prolly gonna take Allens place as Seattles main man, same goes for randolph nd oden

  • Dan

    It’s clearly a toss-up between the two for both Portland and Seattle. Although the Sonics have Robert Swift and Johan Petro, who knows what is happening with either of them. They both showed flashes of great potential, but prolonged injuries, along with longer stints of poor play, have plagued both big men. Then you have Rashard Lewis, who, in my eyes, is hinting an awful lot at leaving the Sonics via free agnecy or a sign-and-trade. When it comes to Portland, Lamarcus Aldridge and Zach Randolph are their frontcourt running mates, but who knows where they will be once training camp comences. Furthermore, Portland is in desperate need of a prominent scorer to either take over for, or assist Randolph. Each team is technically in need of both, but they can only pick one. Who will it be?

  • Chukaz

    Is Gregg Oden the next Kwame Brown???
    I hope not!!!

  • Dan

    Chukaz, is that a joke?

  • ForzaMilan

    The risk-reward situation is way too dangerous. They no only need an Oden more, not only will Oden give a matchup advantage, not only is he an athletic juggernaut, no only does he have that locker-room quality to make his teammates better on and off the floor…. need I say more?

  • Dan

    @ForzaMilan: perhaps you do need to say more. I think you are forgetting what type of player Greg Oden is. Don’t get me wrong, I am confident that he will go at the one-spot, but your evaluation of the situation doesn’t help his case. I think you are also forgetting that Rashard Lewis, the man who has put up about 20 ppg for Seattle is more than likely leaving, thus Seattle will be lacking heavily in the scoring department. Who takes on that burden?

  • Chukaz

    I meant Dan not DNA.
    Sorry for f*cking up the site.

  • Chukaz

    Is there a way you can fix this?

  • Luke

    Heck, I say take them both. Get the Seattle bosses drunk on draft night, KP weaves his magic on draft night and convinces them that trading their #2 draft pick for Portland’s 2008 first rounder is a no-brainer and best for Seattle in the long run!!!

  • Dan

    Where are you from Chuckaz? If you don’t mind me asking. . .

  • Chukaz

    Dan, I’m from New Mexico. That’s in the United States in case you guys don’t know.

  • Chukaz

    sh*t, I meant didn’t know. You can totally tell I’m mexican-american.

  • TC

    Oden over Durant anyday! Durant is gonna be a more athletic Glenn Robinson or a Carmelo Anthony with better outside touch. But Oden could be the best center in the L in 3 years. The L has plenty of skillful swingmen but a quality big man is about as common as Kobe telling the truth.

  • Nothin_personal

    i know this might sound stupid, but if I had the chance all over again, I would pick Hakeem over Jordan. With proper management, Istill believe that he guarantees more than the GOAT. You don’t know if you are gonna unearth a division 3 Gem, and have Seattle hand it to you in a silver platter. On the other hand, what are the chances that you have your 2nd superstar fall of the chart due to injury at the point were you are past rebuilding, and not at the championhip level yet?

  • whooo!

    that background is gawd-awful. what were you all thinking?

  • whooo!

    having durant n oden’s pretty dope though! i’d take oden w/ the 1st, but i still question if he’ll be better than dwight howard, and i don’t like how the hype machine jumps so quick, proclaiming him a potential legend.

  • Holiday

    @ lone jazz you dumbf*#k, you have no idea of what I was trying to say obviously, and like me your a Jazz fan so maybe you live in salt lake or close to it, so why don’t we meet up so I can smack you in the mouth for talking to me like that homo!

  • Holiday

    I was simply making the point that Oden might not be a great scorer, but maybe he will! and any team would benifit from him but in the same sense any team could benifit from somebody like Kobe but he won’t necessarily make them a contender! Maybe somebody could explain that to lone jazz, and stop reppin my team punk!

  • Tim Dogg

    I’m a Blazer fan, so believe me, I’ve given this lots of thought over the last few weeks…. It really depends on what we want to do with Randolph. If we want to trade him, take Oden. If not, Durant. SF is actually our biggest need position, in my opinion….
    That said, obviously the big defensive center is the way to go. Look at the finals again this year. Two defensive teams.
    Do the Blazers want to go in an offensive or defensive direction. This pick will determine that, or be determined by that, I think.

  • Dennard

    Charley Rosen will probably predict that Greg Oden will be a marginal player for most of his career and he’ll say that Kevin Durant is weak and defenseless. Or something stupid like that.

  • nexus6

    i was 13 years old.i was shooting jumpers after jumpers,alone on a court somewhere near home.all of sudden i saw a guy WAY older than me and way taller than me.he was coming at me yelling:GIVE ME YOUR BALL!!!i began looking for help,but there was no help.so i had no choioce but to give him the damn ball if i didn’t want to get beaten.AMERICA,this is what you are for the rest of the world.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jake Appleman

    Looking forward to league pass and a lack of sleep next year. Sweet cover.

  • B-rad

    if ur portland, do u need a big man or a small/swingman first? exactly….zbo and lamarcus are good, but other than roy, they have nothing in terms of outside and midrange scoring. take durant

  • jay

    cool cover…i will cop!!! waiting to see when durant signs with the swoosh! i see kobe re-upped his deal..you know he got a a pretty penny for that one!

  • chalkboard guru

    Nice article! Props to my man Lang! Greg Oden should be #1 without a doubt. Too bad you couldn’t get them in a single shot for the cover. Keep up the good work on the magazine!

  • http://nba.blog.hr Muraya

    Greg Oden #1, man vs boys, simple as that.

  • http://. H to the izzo

    I literally love whoever made this cover happen

  • VLDS

    Why Oden is in LeBron 4 shoes?????

  • VLDS

    Why Greg Oden is In a LeBron 5 kicks in da photo???

  • Rod Strickland

    I’m surprised the Pistons aren’t on the cover.

  • whooo!

    ryan, i saw some of those stats, but you left out something pretty startling. players are tested to see how many times they can bench 185, and while oden didn’t participate, only ONE player couldn’t bench 185. his name was kevin durant. once he gets w/ nba strength coaches, i’m sure he’ll get strong, but how the hell can he not bench 185!?

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    That’s a little scary, but as Reggie and Tayshaun have shown, a scrawny chest & arms don’t preclude you from being a very good NBA player. Of course, both those guys had pretty horrible playoff performances this year, so maybe I shouldn’t go there…

  • Allenp

    Nothing Personal is right.

    If Ralph Sampson doesn’t turn into a walking knee surgery, and the rocket’s GM’s don’t struggle at findign a legitimate perimeter threat, Hakeem wins more rings, in my opinion. Jordan is the best, but it’s always easier to win with a big fellow dominating on offense and defense. Always.

  • Nothin_personal

    The point is, if something goes awfully wrong, and you can’t build a comprtitive team around your superstar caliber talent, if he is a big man, you still get in the playoffs, and maybe even a couple of times deep into the playoffs. If he is Kobe or Tmac, you get a lot of round-one blowouts!

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    @VLDS: We brought their uniforms but left it up to them on the shoes.

  • Ryu

    These colors are sick. But I still can’t wait this issue.

  • steve

    Kwame Brown told Jordan before the draft that “If you pick me, you won’t regret it” or something along those lines. I don’t think you pick a guy because of something he says in an interview.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    As for Oden’s kicks, OSU was essentially a “LeBron” Nike team, especially in the tourney, so I’m guessing Greg already had those. Oden doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would spend a lot of time thinking about the implication of which shoes he’s gonna wear in a photo shoot.

  • DK52

    This cover sucks. Good idea, right time of year, and two great players, but the cover itself sucks. Firstly the point was made by other people that both players look like twigs, as well as Oden looks like Tim Thomas, and Durant looks like Sam Cassell’s son. The last thing these two should be doing is crossing their arms because neither have any muscle at all. I was saying for a while that if Deron Williams, or Michael Redd didn’t get the next cover, than Oden and Durant should as a preview issue for the draft which Slam did. Good job on that but terrible cover, by the way does anyone know what size Oden’s feet are, look at his sneaks their at least 19′s?

  • DK52

    Dwill should get the next cover which Slam should be working on right now, and come July 1 the issue should be out then the NBA champion will be known by then will get the following issue.

  • http://www.slamonline.com jonathan wiener

    Great story–but drafting Durant over Oden is like taking the home-run hitter over a true pitching ace–it’s hard to ignore the prodigious dingers, but everyone knows which one gets you to the championship. Shaq and Tim Duncan have dominated the playoffs ever since Jordan left…that’s what you get with Greg Oden. Durant could be another Garnett, Nowitzki, or McGrady– but I’m bettin the house and the Lincoln that Oden gets the rings. Take your pick

  • Richie
  • doctaj

    KD35 baby!!!! im glad to see that killer comin out in him. he’s got the tools, and now he got that SWAGGA!

  • doctaj

    odens feet are 20′s

  • http://www.gabesunit.piczo.com gabriel

    nice cover for the right time.

    just one thing,………. were da f is yao ming in slam

  • http://www.gabesunit.piczo.com gabriel

    nice cover for the right time.

  • john

    in the first pick of the 2007 nba draft the portland trailblazers select greg oden out of ohio state.

  • pablo

    Oden. No doubt. I see Durant as some next T-Mac or even KG. But GO it´s like Duncan. At least that´s how I see it. Besides, as time goes on, it gets tougher and tougher to get a guy who plays in the post. And by that I mean somebody who plays with his back to the basket. I thought TD was going to be the last dominating force with his back to the basket. I was wrong

  • Nothin_personal

    Come on, let’s get in another stupid all-time greatest debate. Ryan, I will even say Stockton is better cost effective than Magic this is gonna get things rolling!!! CAN THE FINALS BEGIN ALREADY?

  • Awesome

    this might be 1984 all over again. Bowie or MJ?

  • Awesome


  • Raeniel

    awesome cover! wayyy better then the shaq and dirk one. they fishin’ now suckas! well i didnt buy that ish’ so now i have to buy this one. 2 thumbs up.

  • jawn

    man i thought this was pretty easy… i don’t think durant has all the tools to dominate a game on both sides of the court. I’d take oden in a second! he can use both hands, he is actually faster than durant (check the camp results), stronger than durant, and can make a difference on the defensive end. All you need is an offensive minded guard to join oden and you have a future franchise. I guess you can say durant made that whole “cold blood” comment. BUT! that can be a bad thing. So does that mean he is going to force shots against ron artest. i pray to god no.


  • mike

    Lang, I think you’re one of the few people in the world other than me that would take Durant #1. Not to knock Oden – I think he’s great. He’s got a good post game already with those hook shots, and he’s gonna be an incredible defender, but I think Durant is too enticing. Only freshman ever to clean up on all the National Player of the Year Awards, and he’s only 18!! If he’s the McGrady/Garnett combo that people think he is, he’s just too good to pass up. Plus, now that we know the order, I think Aldridge is gonna be a pretty good center, and Portland could take Durant and play him at the three along with Randolph and Lamarcus. That frontline would be sick.

  • Stuie

    I told every one in an earlier coment that he would be a more likely pick than oden. Now this just backs it up. for the same reasons as before i would pick him over oden. the main one being the fact that portland already has 5 big guys. now you have this the tbs got to take kd. he just fits better. more proof towards the fact ill be laughing when kd is picked first. plus oden is a better fit for the sonics. but since he is a better fit for the sonics the tbs might just screw it up for the sonics and pick oden cause you cant rule anything out.

  • Schade

    Pick Oden first. People are seriously underestimating the results of those agility/speed/strength drills.

    The NBA is full of big, strong, fast people. Now, fine, Durant isn’t strong, it’s not needed for a perimeter player… but he *MUST* be faster and quicker than that.

    There are a ton of guys outside of the NBA who can shoot… but they can’t make it in the NBA because they can’t deal with the physical play.

    How will Durant take getting hit by guys who are 220 pounds plus? How will he get off his shot against guys who are simply quicker?

    A guy who can shoot but is not athletic enough… you might as well be Steve Kerr or Robert Horry (no knock on them, but they’re not superstars).

    Look, Rip Hamilton can shoot… but the only reason he can score so consistently is that he is fast, and his killer stamina lets him move continuously, getting space using screens. If Durant is not athletic enough, he will not be able to be a star in the NBA no matter how well he shoots.

    Oden is big, crazy athletic, and has a sound work ethic. Even if he is never able to develop a great bank shot like Duncan, Oden’s physical talent alone, combined with work ethic, can enable him to be a truly dominating big man on defense. With that kind of quickness, he is at *WORST* a taller Ben Wallace… and at best he could develop into the most terrifying of prospects – a faster footed Tim Duncan.

    Durant may very well end up a better player, but for now, there’s now way I’d take him at 1. Because at worst, he might develop into just a spot-up shooter. It takes athleticism to become an NBA star – even skill guys like Allen and Redd are fast. If Durant is starting that low on the scale of athleticism, it will take a lot of work for him to improve enough to become a Michael Redd, Rip Hamilton or Kobe Bryant – I mean A LOT of work in the gym.

    In contrast, Greg Oden only needs a little bit of conditioning work, and can more fully concentrate on improving his skills.

    In the NBA, guys who start out super athletic but need some time to develop their skills have usually ended up better off than guys who started out very skilled but physically mediocre.

  • willis

    whos in the slamups this ish

  • http://Slamonline adelpho3

    True is it does’nt matter who goes # 1,after the draft and there NBA careers play out,the draft rankings wont ever matter then so why are we blowing it up now,have’nt we learnt as sports fans and as fans of the game of Basketball that we need to now wait and see what these kids can do in the pros,things have change,remember when players got the big contracts after they prove that they could win games and a championship,nowadaysall you have to do is look like you could do it and they’ll pay you,watch the monsters the NBA will creat when they continue this pattern,high paid players with now heart,you cant give a kid a million dollars and then get mad when they don’t come through,2 words for this,Kevin Garnett

  • Robert

    I would take Oden with out question. Looking back at recent history only 2 players, Duncan and Shaq, have turned their team into champions and consistent winners. Durant is much like McGrady or Kobe. He is very exciting but without a big man he will be unable to to turn you to a champion.

    If you combine Oden with an already strong supporting cast in Portland you have the making of a great team like San Antonio has been for the last ten years.

  • lone jazz

    Adelpho3, three things for you
    A)your an idiot
    B)your name is f*ckin gay
    C)you are the biggest f*cking retard ever, No. 1 pick gives you respect and all media attention, What happen to your f*ckin head? draft rankings will always matter

  • lone jazz

    what the hell is your F*cking problem with KG?

  • bee

    Salute to slam! Great idea!I can’t wait to get my hands on this issue.

  • DEVILb0y

    durant cause he has more skills and not lacking in height either…oden would be more dikembe like IMO…

  • Colie

    love the cover, but the colors 2 me r a little iffy. why yellow and pink? And is any one gonna show some love who is gonna be 3pick, ARRON AFLALO. im NOT bashin on Oden and Durant.
    i think where Aflalo goes will be interesting

  • Colie

    lone jazz, i totally agree with u,
    aDELFO3, whats yur issh with KG?
    get a new name then talk

    wtf does Adelfo mean anyway

  • JBleez510

    Finally love 4 the GSW! Be a long time since we rode in the playoffs that deep since Spree & Co. I’m hoing a trade or two away from really contending. Holla at B-Dizzle

  • http://vsdjbvdljzx alex fraknoi

    Id take KD,
    would you rather take a duncan without his
    parker and ginobili, or a kobe or lebron?

  • jeff

    U kno what i would take oden even doe durant also a sickk player but my choice would b oden cause u alwayz need a supa bigg man on ur team TRIPLE THREAT im outie

  • louie

    durant hands down

  • prince

    man dude aint these dudes nothin it all about that jap dude man

  • The_Big_Cheese

    Forget Russell (sorry Ryan, and nice call on the icing sugar-dipped Greg Oden call in the links Lang), because you didn’t name him. Have you ever seen a photo of Mourning or Robinson coming out of college? Neither had biceps to brag about, and neither were 18 or 19 years old at the time they came out. I’ll admit that Durant’s showing in the weight room last week was just that (weak – like seven days), but he’s just eighteen and probably still growing. He’ll beef up once he starts filling out and working with a strength and conditioning coach. as for Oden, he’s pretty much a beast right now. He may not be built like Shaq, and may never be, but he man-handled the two next-best bigs coming out this year in the National Championship game witht he frame he’s got. Add even twenty pounds and he’ll be impossible to keep off the boards, while still providing Dwight Howardesque dunk and block numbers.
    Both players will be good, but maybe it’s just because I didn’t see much of Durant play or because I did see so much of Oden, but I’d go with Oden if the pick were mine. Echoing some of the other comments, there are very few quality big men in the game right now, and Oden will be one if he’s not already. Plus, I saw him play almost every weekend last season and saw him mature and develop by leaps and bounds before playing the game of his life in the finals loss. He’s going to get better and should one day dominate. Durant’s great and he dropped the quietest 25-point first half I’ve ever witnessed against Kansas late in the season so you know he can score. However, I’m not so sure he’ll have the immediate impact that everyone else seems to believe he will. I’ll hate to say I told you so, but I can see him racking up a lot of DNP-Injury stat lines in his first few seasons.

  • http://basketdraft.blogspot.com David Sardinero
  • joe

    oden. i don’t like him because he went to THE Ohio St but with the lack of great big men he has to be the chose

  • Melvin

    should of just put the spurs on the cover i havent got this in the mail yet and they already won

  • J.Rocha

    I’d take Greg Oden. I gotta give it up for durant though

  • bigmike407

    Since Portland got the 1st pick they should take Oden. They can’t afford to take Durant and pass on Oden, then Oden blows up. It’ll be Sam Bowie all over again. I was dying laughing when they said Durant couldn’t lift 185 ONE TIME!!!! Now this is not the NFL combine so it may be irrelevant, but it was still hilarious. But that was quickly forgotten after I read his ‘cold-blooded’ comments. But if he’s cold blooded, what is Acie Law? Just curious. Durant is clutch, but Oden may be more steady. Oden will be more of a defensive prescence, but Durant will get more buckets, especially if he’s on a wide-open team like Seattle. But with Seattle taking Durant, I worry that he’ll ‘unfairly get bench splinters’, so to speak, backing up Rashard Lewis. Lewis is a beast, but I think he’s facing free agency after next season. What are those practices gonna be like? Oden guarding Zach everyday or Durant trading buckets with Ray Lew? Sick. Another factor: there have been reports that Zach wants out of Portland. So if he leaves before draft day (which is unlikely), PTB must take Oden. With all that said…I’m taking Oden. He already plays D, a lost art in the NBA. Any coach can tell you that it’s easier to coach D than O, because it’s all about effort. Once Oden gets some post moves and some grown man strength, he’ll be a solid double-double guy for at leat 15 years, barring injury. Durant will get plenty of buckets, but I think he’ll be prone to injury with his slight build. If I was a GM, I’m taking Oden. Once he gets an offensive game, he’ll be a contributor on both ends. It’ll take Durant 3 years, barring injury, to grasp NBA defense. There is very little D played in the league today, but every coach on any level will tell you that D is what keeps you on the floor. Oden for ’07.

  • magic07

    when is this issue being sent out i still havent gotten it??

  • Clayton J

    I got it on the 18

  • Orlando-fans-unite

    I can’t c Portland not picking Oden, I mean put him in the ’03 draft and where would he go, 3rd? 2nd? 1st?! maybe not when you c ‘bron has already made the finals, but back on draft night… a big man with his natural talent has endless possibilities. ‘Course I sure hope they pass on him, with seattle’s outside shooting there would b a hell of a lot of room inside for him plus prob rebounds galore. I thought D12 was supposed to b the premier big man of this age, looks like Oden might even surpass him

  • chris camacho

    I would take oden he iz a great player 1 of those big men that aint really around

  • Mark Shehady

    Both are different players. If you are looking for a Lebron james type of player then it’s Durant. If your looking for a tall guy it’s Oden. Both are great!

  • royce

    i did not get issue 110 with Durant vs. Oden

  • royce

    My adress is 1531 bentridge dr. lawrenceville,GA

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  • Paolo

    That line said it all. I would have picked Durant.

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