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Links: Checking In…

And should I buy a PlayStation 3?

by Lang Whitaker

Well, I’m back in the SLAM Dome, though right now we are the middle of what SLAM managing editor Susan Price not-so-affectionately calls “KICKS hell.” That’s right, we’re in the stretch run of cobbling together the new iteration of our annual shoe bible. And I’m still a few days away from having the time to get back to writing The Links on the regular.

But I had a few things I wanted to throw out there…

• I’m thisclose to going out and buying a PlayStation 3. I got an XBox 360 a few months ago and loved it for about eight weeks, at which point it promptly broke and gave me the red rings of death. So now I have to deal with sending that back and getting it repaired, which will not be fun to do. My old XBox also broke years ago, I think because there was dust in there.

In the meantime, the PlayStation 2 I bought when I moved to New York has been a warrior, working fine for almost seven years now. My PS2 is the Dikembe Mutombo of gaming consoles — nobody’s quite sure how old it is, it’s nearly outdated, but it still gets the job done. I’m still using it nearly every night, but I’m ready to move on to better graphics and the Blu-Ray.

My question for you guys is, Should I splurge on the PS3? Is it worth it? Or, if you work for Sony and would like to have endless free publicity on this site, just send me one of those bad boys. Regular readers here know that I am not too proud to beg. $500 is a lot of cash to shell out.

But depending on how your responses go (and how the stop at my bank on my way home goes), I could be splurging as soon as today. Let me know…

This makes me laugh out loud.

• Most important news story this week is easily the meeting between the world’s tallest man and the world’s smallest man. Reading the story, you will find that the world’s smallest man actually isn’t the world’s smallest man, but still, in concept this is a great idea. The world’s tallest man is wearing adidas in the photos, and if he isn’t an “Impossible Is Nothing” ad, I don’t know what is.

Also, I love that the world’s smallest man is named He Ping Ping. It’s even funnier how he’s referred to as Mr. Ping Ping throughout the story. We have to name an NBA player that next season. Suggestions are welcome.

My man is killing that bow tie, too. Looks like it’s taped to his jacket.

• Another interesting story. Gee, wonder why the poor guy’s inner tube went flat while he was floating down the river? Maybe because HE WEIGHS 500 POUNDS!?

• Saw Clerks II the other day. Really graphic and really funny. Also, the scene where Rosario Dawson teaches Dante how to dance to “ABC” while wearing a tank top should live forever on Youtube.

(UPDATE: It does live on Youtube. Go find it yourselves.)

• They should’ve used this to rescue the 500 pound man.

Alright, gotta get back to work. Later…

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  • http://whitehoteboysworld.blogspot.com/ white hot eboy

    Damn Lang, it’s taken you THIS long to see Clerks II. Man, and I thought the Links are late sometimes. And anytime I hear Rosario Dawson’s name it make’s me think of O’s review of Grindhouse! To quote O, “I still can’t stand Rosario Dawson (Sorry, Kha). Looks like a dude with that wig piece.” Oh the simpler times of SLAMonline.
    Although she did look cute as hell doing the Jackson Five dance.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Motherf*cker’s name is He Pingping. I’m done reading anything ever for the rest of my life. Nothing can be better than that.

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    Frame rate for sports games is horrible on PS3. They run twice as fast on Xbox. I think Im the only person who hasnt had a problem with their 360, but they did extend the warranty on em for another three years, so you might just be better off spending that scratch on an iphone and waiting for the repair.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    That’s Mr. Pingping to you, Ryan.

  • dpak

    he looks like one of those mr. roger’s puppets.

  • http://aspov.blogspot.com Cheryl

    Missed you, Lang.

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    And I really wish they wouldve taken a pic with Ping in the big guys shirt pocket…

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    I’m waiting on at least gen. 2 of the iPhone. I also desperately need a new iPod, but I’m waiting until the touchscreen ones drop in August/September.

  • Cheez

    If you can wait for your 360 to be repaired (have gone through that process twice myself!) I’d say hold off on the PS3 till next summer UNLESS you’re into movies and don’t have a blue-ray or HD-DVD player yet… 360 has a great lineup of games coming the rest of this year to keep you busy… the PS3 is starting to pick up speed in that department, but I’m not sure it’s worth dropping $500 on yet just for gaming (especially since you have a 360 already)… by next summer, I think it will be worth it though and they will probably have another price drop by then too.

  • http://aspov.blogspot.com Cheryl

    when verizon gets iphone, so will i…

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    @Cheez: I’m not that into DVDs, but no, I don’t have a HD/Blu-Ray player. I’m not that into games other than sports games, and as long as EA is making stuff for the PS3 I’ll be happy.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    This whole post makes me feel extremely old.

  • Cheez

    I’m mostly a sports gamer too… as for EA, I go back to Lakers vs. Celtics on the Sega Genesis… but the last two years of NBA Live have been unplayable for me… I bought 07 the day it came out and returned it an hour later… did you play any NBA 2k7 last year? I thought they did a great job putting in players shot techniques along with some of their mannerisms (like Nash licking his fingers while dribbling)… gameplay is solid, though the graphics could be better.

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    Russ, how old are you?

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    No, I didn’t play NBA Live, or 2K7, or March Madness…none of the basketball games. I don’t think any of them are close enough to the real thing to get me playing them. That’s probably an entire post for another time. I’m still playing the heck out of FIFA 07.

  • http://www.forillalive.com Skillet Forilla

    Bao Xishun is AMAZING. I am all about this adidas campaign. Last December, the world’s tallest man, was called in for an emergency dolphin rescue and he saved lil’ Flipper’s life. The dolphin had eaten some shards of plastic and they had him reach in and remove them. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6178659.stm

  • Cheez

    I hear ya… bball games have never been very close to their source material gameplay wise… you should give the new 2k game a try when it comes out later this year though, I got a lotta mileage outta 2k7… just seeing Shawn Marion’s jumper recreated in a videogame is worth it on it’s own ;-) Haven’t messed with FIFA for a couple installments, heard a lot of people like yourself enjoyed the last one though.

  • Nadav

    FIFA is horrible compared to Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven…for real

  • Nadav

    what is wrong with the water in Inner Mongolia?

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    Chad Ford just put the tall guy in the top 5 of his 08 mock draft.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    @Nadav: I agree that in the past WE was better, but the last few FIFAs have improved a lot. Also, I like how FIFA has all the licenses and teams and players.

  • http://slamonline.com Jon Wiener

    Lang wait on the PS3. Just come down to Best Buy with me after this and play MLBTheShow07 on theirs…life-changer.

    Really, if you like baseball games, which I love, PS3 is pretty other-worldly

  • http://slamonline.com Jon Wiener

    but i’m not droppin 600 for something you can get for 225 in the ‘hood in Mississippi…yup, we get grimy down there…

  • http://slamonline.com Jon Wiener

    and no, that wasn’t a real invitation to come to Best Buy, but yes I will really be there after work playing PS3.
    just a stop-off…but when you’re poor and yearning to play with the new toys, it’s the best i can do.

  • Nadav

    In comparing WE and FIFA, Id’e say FIFA is the NBA, having all the big names, money and flashy style, while WE is European basketball, having less flashy names, much less money, but being very strong in fundamentals, with more hardcore and loyal fans.

  • Blue

    Billy Crystal just signed the tall guy to star in “My Giant 2″

  • SL

    MAX — frame rates on the ps3 and 360 are going to be exactly the same this coming year. Madden 08 is going to run 60fps on both systems as opposed to the old 30 fps. If sports games are your genre, you can’t go wrong with either system, because they’ll likely be equal. I’ve heard the madden next gen choice for tourneys is going to be playstation 3, so that may sway you some. BUT, what it comes down to are the features fit for you. For example, bluray and wifi can sway you towards the ps3. Or pricing for the 360 may just be more enticing. but remember, if you’re playing sports games and want to play online, XBOX live costs a fee, while the ps3 does not. — personally, i’ve had xbox360 for nearly a year and i’ve sent it back to micrcosoft twice already. (most recently last week!). so now, with the price cuts, i’ve sold my 360 to buy a ps3. (if you look, you can find a used 20gb or 60gb for $340, and $440 respectively at eb, gamestops, and gamecrazys.) I sold my 360 for $350 and moved to a ps3 for 340. quite a lateral move, and for now, i’m quite happy.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aydreeyun Esco

    “My man is killing that bow tie, too. Looks like it’s taped to his jacket.” One of the funniest things I read today. That still has me laughing…

  • rg

    co-sign with nadav. winning eleven is dope. fifa, not so much.

  • SL

    Nadav — your comparison is off base, i believe. you said earlier that WE was a better game, but your comparison makes it seem like FIFA is better. — However, WE is more universally accepted as the better game. A better comparison of the games is to our own football games. WE = the madden franchise. It has a diehard following and the loyal fans, as you mentioned. But it backs it up with superb gameplay. Thus, FIFA = the 2k series. up and coming, and growing stronger with every year. But overall, it can’t match up to WE in terms of sales or straight gameplay. FIFA may have some licenses, but WE has most of the EPL and other european and spanish league licenses. just not the US ones. Winning Eleven for the win!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Max: 36. Most of the time I still feel 22, but this post makes me feel 65. I have a PS2 that hasn’t been plugged in for months (since an unfortunate incident involving Tony Hawk, a controller, and a hardwood floor), and a Sega Genesis that’s been in a box for years.

  • Rasheedionics


    PS3 is completely worth it, especially if you’re into sports games. I had it since February and been playing nothing but sports games, MLB 2ky, MLB The Show, NBA 2K7, FIFA and WE… I haven’t noticed any framerate issues or any other problems so far. Also, I’ve been playing a lot of my old PS2 games without any problems and they look great on PS3. I hear XBox 360 doesn’t let you play all of the old Xbox games. With PS3 it’s around 95% of PS2 and PS games that’s compatable. I bought it when it was 600 and it’s still worth it to me. Even if you’re not into movies, you would still be blown away by Blu-Ray quality. So I’d say get it without a doubt. Your PS2 last it for 7 years. You can’t beat track record like that.

  • deestarbuckz

    Basketball games have not been the same since Bulls vs. Lakers! Live ’08 “looks” to be tough. Maybe you will even be able to fast break this year. In the meanwhile, I work with my 360 and NCAA ’08 is H.A.R.D.! Just send it in Lang and spend those 5 yards on something else…

  • deestarbuckz
  • Tariq

    man when is winning 11 coming out on the ps3 already? This is getting silly…

  • http://nothinpersonal8.blogspot.com/ nothin _personal

    You just made me disregard you as a person, as a gamer and as a beggar, mr Whitaker. How dare you. You know how sensitive we Pes 6 fans are, how dare you insult us in such a cruel manner?

  • Rasheedionics

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is kicking off on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, PS2, PC and DS this fall. This time around, the game features a Teamvision AI system which, Konami says, actively monitors players’ onscreen movements, adapting opponents’ tactics accordingly, In other words, you’ll need to consider your own strategic play more carefully – no more simlpy booting the ball and shouting, “Have it!” then… Christiano Ronaldo will be the cover boy of the game.

  • http://nothinpersonal8.blogspot.com/ nothin _personal

    Plus, I should just state that I am playing the 2028-29 season, I have hit the sealing as far as money go (999999), and I am still playing. GREAT gameplay.

  • Tariq

    Rasheedionics…are you serious!!! This is the best news I’ve gotten since my balls dropped.

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    SL, thanks for the info. But do you think that the PS3 is that much beter? Cause Ive havent seen anything to make me say that yet. Halo 3 certainly wont help either. I know how much more powerful a PS3 is, but it doesnt seem like developers have harnessed it in comparison to 360. And Im really surprised how many folks have sent their 360 back multiple times. Ive had that red ring more than a few times, but I just turn it off and try again and its always works.

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    And Russ, I guessed right. Or maybe I already knew and was just reminded. Meh. You know what maks me feel old? BAPE. And MTV.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    SL, agreed, thanks for the info. I made it home tonight without buying a PS3, which is probably a good thing considering I have a considerable amount of work to do tonight. If I can make it until the weekend without buying one it’ll be a miracle.

  • Rasheedionics

    Yes Tariq, I’m serious. And hopefully this they will have majority of licenses this time around. I expect Live to be much better this year too. They are introducing “Go-to Moves”! Genius!!!

  • SL

    MAX — Well, two of my cousins also own 360s and both have had to send in their 360s to be serviced as well. The ps3 has had less common problems since launch. It’s just frustrating to worrying with a 360 than knowing your ps3 is safer. But yes, I agree that ps3 has yet to be used to its full capabilities, but knowing that the ps3 is stronger, the developers will soon start creating games to maximize the strength of the ps3. It hasn’t even been a year yet, so no worries on that front. — and LANG, rasheedionics brings up a good point, ps3 backward capability is a big PLUS for former ps2 owners. There’s always times where you want to bust out those old games!

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Max: BAPE makes me feel smart. And MTV…MTV still exists?

  • floe

    wait for the new rumble controls with the analog stick on top Lang.

  • Adrian

    Damn americans…I have no idea wtf you’re talking about hahaha.

  • O.R Paperstacks

    I cracked. I bought a 360 in September and love it. Never thought id be buying a PS3 this soon.Eventually cause of MGS4, but not this soon. Went to BestBuy yesterday and walked out with one. THe price change kinda sold me plus the bluray.

  • http://www.lkz.ch/basket Darksaber

    Rosario Dawson, ohmagah!!! Thanks for that tip Lang, Youtubue rocks. The girl puts a whole new meaning into the word BOUNCE.

  • http://backcourtink.blogspot.com bootlace

    Im sorry but Mr. PingPing looks like the big dudes puppet, even his outfit.

    Lang: Madden will run at 60fps on Xbox, 30 fps on PS3. Oh and you cant even play copied games on PS3 – not that you’d wana do that…

  • http://backcourtink.blogspot.com bootlace

    Im sorry but Mr. PingPing totally looks like the big dudes puppet, even his outfit. Lang: Madden runs at 60 frames per sec on Xbox, only 30 on PS3. Oh and you cant play copied games on PS3 – not that you’d want to….

  • http://backcourtink.blogspot.com bootlace

    Sry for the double-double.

  • Garreth
  • SL

    as i mentioned earlier bootlace, madden will run at the same 60 fps on both consoles. http://www.psxextreme.com/ps3-news/1532.html

  • Young Chris #3

    The Playstation 3 is a graphics powerhouse. The reason these sports games may run faster on XBOX 360 so far is because 360 has already had 2 games out as it had a year longer to develop for, PS3 had these games issued for launch (NBA 2K7, Madden). The sports games for 360′s launch were nothing to brag about when they were released either. The PS3 line-up for Fall and their impressive showing at E3 this year, along with the exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 to be released early next year, are all reasons why I believe that the PS3 can’t be written off quite yet. Also, with nearly everyone I know who has an XBOX 360 complaining about problems and having to send their system back in, and the PS3 having less than 1% failure rate thus far, it is apparent to me that I made the right choice in copping the 3.

  • http://why-bother-reading.blogspot.com/ H to the izzo

    The red rings are gods way of telling you to go outside

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Darksaber, thank you for recognizing greatness when you see it.

  • Young Chris #3

    Hov just had me dyin with that last comment

  • Slick Nick Da Ruler

    Lang, the PS3 is $500 and backwards compatible with PS2 games. Starting in August, the retooled, cheaper PS3 will be released, but it will not be backwards compatible. This was announced at E3 last week. Go big or go home Lang

  • FLUD

    Man….Clerks II is crap. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen in a cinema. Which would put it in the running for one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Right up there with Match Point and Juwanna Man. That Dante guy has to be one of the most UN-likeable actors in the entire history of civilization.

  • Steve

    Stick with the 360. I’ve had it since day one and have never had a problem with it. Since they extended the warrenty for another few years you can get it repaired for free. I’ve thought about getting the PS3 but right now it’s just not worth the money. There are no good games on it and nothing to really look forward to. 360 has an amazing line up from here till the holiday season. Bioshock, Halo 3, Assassins Creed, GTA IV, and a bunch of other exclusive. Also the video market place is great if you like HD movies and shows. PS3 won’t be worth it until probably 08 and at that point the price will drop again.

  • Tariq

    Match Point was dope.

  • Chukaz

    Yo, Lang, if you can afford the damn PS3, just go out there and get it. If you can’t, just wait another 5 years and you will get it for 100 bucks.

  • http://www.friendster.com/sesa Sesa

    I should say, you should bought the PS3 like maybe the next 2 or 3 months. The graphics are good but the price tag aren’t friendly and I would bet Sony will further cut down PS3′ prices. You should not worry to miss out certain games because you already have 360 and for the meantime you still can play 360.
    Up until right now there’s no game were designed exclusively for PS3 so enjoy your gaming on 360.
    I’d say, If and only if PS3 had finally cut down it’s prices to a near 360 price; that’s the time for you to get one.
    The game developers also waited the PS3 price to drop down and then they will probably jumped ship to PS3. With the abundance of software selection, it’ll surelly cut down the cost of Blu-Ray DVD thus making it cheaper to sell.
    Think of elementary supply and demand law.

  • http://www.friendster.com/sesa Sesa

    O yea, probably those MGS games will be a classic but don’t worry, you can still grab those later because good games like that were always put in stock by game shops.
    Unless maybe you wait 2-3 years before buying it.

  • http://www.friendster.com/sesa Sesa

    I agree that Newer FIFA games were good but it still to arcade-ish just like NBA Live. I’ll still pick WE for it’s in-depth strategy and computer AI.

  • big zach

    I got a PS3 about 5 months ago and have had no problems at all with it. NBA Live looks really good this year. I love the go to moves idea.

  • Petter

    Get that PS3, Lang. It´s pocket money compared to what it costs in Sweden. Can you imagine paying almost 1000$ for the console, a game and one wireless hand control(If that is what it´s called in english) like we have it in my rural homeland?

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