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Marquis Teague Will be a Kentucky Wildcat

Marquis Teague, younger brother of Hawks rookie Jeff Teague and top 3 player in the Class of 2011, has committed to play for John Calipari. In related news, Louisville coach Rick Pitino might leave the state of Kentucky after losing this supposed ‘lock’: “Louisville started recruiting Teague during the summer after his freshman season and had been considered a favorite to land the star guard because of coach Rick Pitino. The Teague family had a longstanding relationship with Pitino, who coached Shawn Teague – the player’s father – during his tenure at Boston University. But Kentucky and coach John Calipari have made up ground in recent months. Calipari has a reputation for coaching point guards, producing Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, John Wall and landing Brandon Knight for next season.”

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  • mike

    Pitino’s gotta be pisseddddd

  • riggs

    if only these other dudes aint leave for the draft

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Sort of reminds me when Bill Self began taking dudes like Julian Wright and Sherron Collins from Illinois. Calipari’s on another level, though.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Ouch. That’s gotta hurt even more than when he chased Bassy all that time just to see him go to the L, and then watch his back-up plan Rondo sign with UK. But Louisville will be alright. Every coach has players spurn them. Except, seemingly, Calipari. But even he lost out on the likes of Amare Stoudamire and Kendrick Perkins, albeit not to another school.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Slightly off-topic, and I know you’re an Illini alum but I’m curious to ask – Ryne, you think Oliver Purnell will be able to land any big-time local recuits at DePaul (my school!)?

  • JD

    I hate u so much Kentucky
    Also if John Calipari stayed with Memphis, all these kids would be going there instead, makes you think..

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Does Calipari just carry around bags of cash, or do players really believe he makes taht big a difference as far as getting them in the NBA?

  • Will

    Calipari is a one and done God

  • http://djsfklrf.com Jukai

    Allenp: A little bit of a, a little bit of b.

  • T-Money

    Allenp: His last 3 pgs (Rose, Reke, Wall) could all be ROY. That’s gotta matter to a young pg. I think the main draw for Coach Cal is his system: he employs a dribble-drive offense which requires a skillset that his suited to the NBA game. If you go to Cal U, you basically get to run a pro offense. It’s not a coincidence that Rose and Reke made seamless transition to the L.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    @Enigmatic, it’s not like Bruce Weber’s snatching up the Chi-Town dudes… So yeah, DePaul’s history can turn things around.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Chances he’ll play with Brandon Knight: Less than 1 percent?

  • mike

    i have to honest Ryne Knight has not looked anywhere close to the previous guards Calipari has had. He doesn’t look to be a true 1 and his handle looks suspect.

  • justin

    Kentucky has a rich history, then they fired Tubby Smith, fiddled around with a Texas used car salesman, then sold their soul (and soles?) to the devil and they have absolutely no respect. That’s gotta suck.

  • Coach Lee

    OK OK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Can somebody tell me what the hell is going on kentucky that everybody want’s to play for the one and done school what the heck ever happen to getting a degree. I guess a education today is not worth staying four years to obtain a degree and money superseeds it. What message are we sending to our youth? yeah yeah I know the excuse of there families need the money HELLO out there does anyone remember that these kids got full rides. I guess they can hire me to manage there money because we all know dam well they won’t be able too. It’s a shame even with such good recuits the cats won’t be NCAA champions. somebody respond The End

  • http://www.yougotdunkedon.com LilKDub503

    This is getting freaking ridiculous. Mike Gilchrist, Marquis Teague for NEXT year’s class, not to mention Brandon Knight, Doron Lamb, Enes Kanter, and Stacey Poole this year. Jesus, does Calipari drug these guys or what?

  • The Philosopher

    The thing about Calipari, he’s more new school. He can relate to today’s generation. Pitino is past his day. And that’s for real. And he never got over himself. Not even when he made a quagmire out of himself in Boston. But,Calipari is still grossly overrated.

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    @justin: Yeah, building a dynasty while simultaneously producing ROYs every year totally sucks.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/san-dova-speak-easy/ San Dova

    @ ENIGMATIC–> Oliver Purnell is going to really turn that program around. Watching what he did with Dayton (the area I grew up around) and then at Clemson seals the deal for me.

  • http://www.dannyjett.com Danny Jett Jr.

    Pitino can’t be very happy right now. It’s ok though, great job Calipari. Very good day to be a Wildcat fan.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @ San Dova – Yeah, I’m excited and expecting a nice turnaround with Purnell at DePaul. Only thing though is he’s got a little bit of Larry Brown in him – he’ll turn a program around and then leave for another. Hopefully he sticks around in the Chi.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    As for UK, I think it’s going to be bittersweet to be a Wildcats fan the next few years. Every year your school will be pulling in some of the top prospects but every year they’ll be one and dones. There will be no continuity, very few (if any) 5-star prospects will stick around for their SOPHOMORE year, much less their junior and senior years. Can they win a ‘chip in that environment? Sure they can, but I think I’d rather have a few really good kids that’ll stay together for three or four years, a la UNC or Duke, as opposed to a few phenoms that’ll be one and done. That being said, I do hope Calipari gets his first chip at Kentucky.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Oh, and so no one gets it twisted, when I say I’d rather have a few really good kids who stick around than a few phenoms who leave, I don’t mean to say that kids who leave after a year are not “really good kids”. Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, Derrick Rose, John Wall, Tyreke, plenty of one-and-dones are great people off the court as well as great players on it. I meant really great players who may not be good enough to leave for the league after one year (though Harrison Barnes will DEFINITELY be good enough!)

  • justin

    @ JOSHUA ELAM – that’s what I figured

  • jay

    interesting..i really thought pitino would have wound up at st johns and go back to his big east roots and east coast. i love lavs as i know him personally but pitino i thought was the better fit. as per pg u. bran knight is legit but i think kyrie irving will be better!

  • hillbilly

    @ Coach Lee Posted: Apr.22 at 8:41 pm

    “Coach Lee”??? Ha! You’re not foolin’ me with that fake-ass handle. I know it’s you, Roy Williams. I’d recognize your tear-stained, Tampon-blue, Tarheel rhetoric anywhere! Now, step out into the light and reveal yourself, you scurrilous ol’ scallywag.

  • The Philosopher

    @hillbilly: CALL HIM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL HIM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Philosopher

    @”Coach Lee”: And, I totally agree with you. I’ve caught a lot of heat about who does and who doesn’t posess a degree.

  • Coach Lee

    @ hillbilly Well well if it ain’t the straw chewing, banjo playing, possum eating sap-sucker. Your breath smells like KU cat ass. Perhaps you should use that tampon to clod your mouth up from the fumes coming out. NOW!! the truth is that KU isn’t going to get a chip simply because nobody stays long enough to get it Cal get get all the 5star recuits and still no dam CHIP!!!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    @Coach Lee: KU is Kansas, man.

  • Coach Lee

    @ JE,thks typing to fast but UK still sucks butt. Where hillbilly now? O almost forgot he’s got a tampon stuck in his mouth.

  • creature

    I don’t understand why people don’t understand what Cal is doing, and what he has going.
    First of all, you have to take into account the likelihood of a lockout. Now, as regards potential one-and-dones for 2010-11, we can’t be sure what this means. Even if the season gets postponed, there could be no 2011 draft. Teague’s class also has to consider the impact. It’s possible that they could hold the 2011 draft but not execute it. There could be a logjam of players in 2012.

    So you have to go with a brand name. People jeered because Cal lost all his star freshmen. But the fact that Cal was the first to send an actual busload to the NBA is one of the things that brought the recruits for 2010 and 2011. The things that are said by recruits to each other and by NBA players to recruits – who they know in lots of ways, it’s natural for them to know about each other, that’s not the conspiracy – are different from what you say, what you hear. The key to this, on one hand, is the number of recruits who liken their coach to a father (you won’t hear B Knight say that). On the other, it’s J Wall’s slip about tuning Cal out. Taken together, these things mean the following: all players, from the NBA down to AAU, accept that a COLLEGE coach (not a pro coach) has a lot of authority, and can screw you if he wants to. Almost all the players, even Patterson, made just a few remarks to the effect that sometimes you just have to stay out of the coach’s way – and this is Easy Cal, not a Nazi like BCG.

    So, given the uncertainty about a lockout, the safest thing for a recruit to do is play for Cal. Everybody jumped on Cal about not making the Final Four – but that too was the icing on the cake. UK went out of the tournament in a bad way – and they STILL got projected in the draft.

    Of course, people want to win the NC. This is why Cal is going around saying this “If you want to go far, go together” mantra. It’s code to recruits: play for us and even if you DON’T START you still get credit for what you can do. People laughed at Cal about losing Orton, but that was a master stroke. That tells Doron Lamb he doesn’t have to fight for minutes – he’ll get enough to be projected. So Cal gets around the domino effect. He convinces top recruits at the SAME POSITION to come to UK.

    Also, going back to the “father figure” thing, Cal uses NBA players and WWWes to testify to the fact that he’s not gonna go all Massa Cal on’em like BCG obviously did – and like even Pitino has done. People squawked when Cal ran players off in the beginning. But Pitino has done that at mid-year because of non-obedience.

    Sociologically, sure, it would be great if Clair Bee was the coach and Chip Hilton and Speed Morris won the championship in their senior year. But pardon me, that is white sociology. Cal accepts that the NBA is a league that runs on African-American social customs…this is not a story reported in the paper, but there is a reason why Antoine Walker is not a player anymore, and it’s not just about skill. It’s not even about Antoine being a bad guy. He was just kind of uncivilized.

    With the blessing of the money men, the top players and former players and all the quality folks who work for and love the game are determined to get thug-ism quieted down. Not just for moral reasons; head cases may have talent but they don’t last. This is by the way why Calipari KEPT saying (like over and over) that his freshmen were children. He literally had to explain to guys like Wall and Cousins: look, guys, you’re going to be multi-millionaires. You can’t talk trash, you can’t get in fights, you have to grow up, because even talent doesn’t get you a free pass in the NBA anymore.

    It’s not even all about talent. John Wall had speed, but people talking about his uncanny passing ability – excuse me? Dude couldn’t shoot and threw the ball away too much. What he had was marketability. He will be pick #1 because he is guaranteed to sell jerseys.

    And finally we get around to the argument, “why isn’t it all about “school”?, the idea that somehow John Calipari has almost singlehandedly subverted the American educational system and devalued the all-mighty college degree. The truth is that major colleges themselves gave up on freshmen and sophomores years ago. You don’t realize this. I was a teacher at IU when they announced that they were going to de-emphasize the first two years of undergrad, equalize credits with the community colleges, and put more money into grad school BECAUSE THAT IS COLLEGE NOW. Undergrad four years is just social education. Colleges compete for enrollments by offering students fun activities (and winning teams are high on the list). Sure, there are some academically competitive undergrad programs; they are the ones that lead to graduate school, law school, med school, etc. But you can get a BA from UK without knowing how to read and write. It’s called a Bachelor of General Studies degree – a Blue Grass Special.

    In truth, everybody from the NBA brass to the college coaches and players know that they have to watch what they say here. Guys who are too up front about not giving a damn about education are quietly put at the back of the real line, because the entertainment value of basketball – multi-billion dollar TV contracts – is still linked to the idea of the student-athlete.

    But think why this is. The colleges really need basketball as a marketing tool. It’s more than the money, it’s a brand, where the ability to draw students (not athletes) is a plus. Colleges need to be popular. The NBA owners need the college connection to stay healthy, because college basketball overall is a bigger draw than pro basketball. There are 30 pro teams, there are hundreds of college teams. The phrase “role model” gets thrown around a lot. Basketball players are role models for kids who want to grow up and be players (and who have a shot). For other kids, basketball players are much more. They are heroes – although we have forgotten what this word means, we think a hero is somebody who saves a life. A hero is somebody young kids think they want to be like. The hero-ness of the hero has to be with looks and style on one hand, and with winning on the other. So basketball players don’t really have to go around “helping youngsters”, although it’s good PR. Mainly what they need to do is not get caught being publicly evil.

    The fact that college really is not what it used to be knocks the props out from under the idea – which gets expressed by people like Bobby Knight and maybe Roy Williams, and a lot of racist posters on blogs – that what’s really wrong here is that dumb black kids who have no business being in college are being allowed to break admission rules. That’s why in the list of accusations against Cal, the one about Rose’s test is the one people latch on to. Cal is a cheater, the song goes, not just because he passes out money, but because he violates academic integrity. The reason why Bobby Knight hates Cal and maybe why Ol Roy passed on John Wall is, let’s call it the Ebonics factor. The open form of the argument, which white people don’t come out with because they don’t want to be called racists, is this: if you listen to John Wall talk, if you listen to Bledsoe, if you listen to Cousins, and no doubt Derrick Rose, you get the overwhelming impression that these people don’t belong in college. Now, point one is that college ain’t college anymore. They had nothing to do with that. The ACT and SAT have been dumber down three times since they were started.

    The obvious truth is that Wall and Bledsoe and Cousins and lots of other mostly black athletes who don’t speak proper English exactly, are undoubtedly intelligent. Brandon Knight, supposedly, can recite Shakespeare so well his English teacher swooned. That’ll be a change. On UK’s team last year, only Orton really showed he had grown up in something of an intellectual environment. Patterson had all his answers to the media learned after the first year, and he was able to stay on message. (Patrick had a bad rage outbreak once in his college career, and he couldn’t afford to get tagged like Cousins almost did.) Bledsoe was not capable of analytic reasoning in public. Cousins turned out to be an Israelite without guile. Most of the players were unable to follow Cal as he explained the facts of life using western PA metaphors. But Cal understood that Cousins’ supposed temper was masking a great good humor.

    That’s why the epithet “slimeball” is particularly NOT applicable to Cal. Put it this way. Coach K recruits guys from Europe, from Africa, guys from families that have money, guys that went to prep schools. He has dinner with their families, and they all know which fork to use. Cal takes kids who might have eaten off paper plates at home, kids who have no driver’s license because they’ve never had a car, kids who just a year ago had to fight to get out of some gyms – and he invites them to his palatial home, and he sets things up so if they commit a few faux pas, it won’t be a big deal. Coach K wants kids who know how to behave. Cal wants to show kids that there is a way to behave, and they need to learn it, especially if they’re going to “get paid” as they all hope, because all the basketball talent in the world doesn’t protect you, please excuse me, from the cruelty of the white man’s world.

    And to wind it up – now we see why really it is stupid to keep hammering the connection, Camby to Rose to Kentucky, as if it just has to be true that underneath it all Cal is a slimy cheat handing out little bundles of cash. If that were true, do you think LeBron would be his friend? If Wes was a bagman, would MJ be his friend? I’m not gonna accuse you people of being racist for not understanding this. However, if you don’t understand it after I explain it, you will be open to that charge.

    Since you are white people, I’m gonna assume you understand money. Which is more real, the money you have in your pocket, or the money someone will loan you if you need it? If your chance of earning money in the future is solid, you can get whatever you need. Patterson was insured at UK for X million dollars, but only a very few athletes have ever lost a pro career through college injuries. Even the rookie minimum for ONE YEAR is enough to set somebody up for life IF they handle it correctly.

    This is all Cal has to say. In the past, athletes tried to leverage their schools’ and coaches’ “need” for their services by demanding under the table payments. But that is so 20th century. Cal just has to explain, look, if you’re too stupid to restrain yourself while you’re waiting for virtually guaranteed millions, then we definitely do not want you no matter how talented you are.

    This is the point. As employers, the NBA has a pension plan, but that doesn’t stop players from going crazy and losing everything. The top players realize that the amount of money and marketing exposure new players get is an asset they are not taking proper advantage of. Heck, instead of having players get arrested, they should be running for Congress with the positive PR available to them. So the answer is for NBA players, present and former, to get to know prospective future players before they get to college, through the summer circuits that were nothing ten years ago.

    You can holler all you want to about “influence”, but the bottom line is that if a young person wants to play pro ball, and if NBA players are around, this is exactly the kind of role model stuff you’ve always said you wanted – only now you want to cry “foul” because the pro players are giving the future players REAL good advice. I actually do think it is a shame that the economics of the situation really force kids to pass on college after one year. The bottom line is that the NBA wants 18-year-olds because the life is so tough, if kids wait until they’re 21 or so they’ve lost productive years. I think it would be neat if they founded something like the Athletic University, a sort of Institute that studies sports medicine, phys ed, marketing, sports history, and also has a regular university attached where you can study theater and English and what not. Then players could go there when they’re injured, or when they retire, and you could put something in to sub for that student-athlete thing.

    I realize this is a long comment, but it’s really really time to stop repeating the same old accusations and arguments. You guys are beginning to sound like Glenn Beck. This is not an argument about how great UK is. I’m about tired of hearing the things UK fans say too, and I am one. It’s partly true that UK has put itself in Cal’s hands – but Cal has put himself in the players’ hands. Whether or not Cal can do X’s and O’s like Coach K or Coach Knight or Pitino – I think not – it doesn’t matter. He has to have overwhelming talent to win a championship because he is not going to teach kids to run their cuts like the Duke players do. It’s a shame, if you like. The whole ideal of a team as a perfectly cooperating, perfectly trained body – which you have to be to run the motion offense or the weave – the whole ideal of players learning complicated patterns through months of repetition and practice – it wasn’t Cal that killed that. It wasn’t Cal that killed the ideal of the student-athlete, the whole thing about team plus leadership plus initiative plus dedication, the whole Knute Rockne line, it’s almost like a religion. I almost want to say, it won us a World War. It’s the American Way, or something like that.

    But that was back when the players were more numerous than the spectators. For some reason, Americans are crazy about watching sports. Personally I think that’s bad in itself. Eventually all these athletes, in addition to being entertainers, will have to become our trainers. Obama will get them out there working to reduce obesity, or something.

    But entertainment is what it is. States and cities are turned into economically competitive brands, and in an almost superstitious way their economic health is connected to the success of teams. People want to move to places where there are winning teams. Even top companies get their employees to think of work as if it was sports.

    We don’t know where this will all end up. The one-and-done rule could disappear in a couple of years. What will Cal do then? Well, he’ll try to get the best four-year players, and he’ll try to get them to run a weave, I guess.

    The biggest fact of all, that all the haters purposely ignore, is that while so many Joe Blow commenters repeat infinitely that Cal is a cheater – the athletes themselves and their parents unanimously say that he is honest, and they use this description of him more than they use it of any other coach.

  • The Philosopher

    @creature: PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/ The Promise

    It has taken me 30 minutes to read creature’s post, that was the longest post I have ever read on this site. And lets get a few things straight. I’m not so sure that you are a Kentucky fan, the way you trashed Wall, Bledsoe, and Cousins, basically saying that they were stupid black kids that didnt have enough sense to make it through college. Thats what it sounded like to me, and I’m white, and I think theres no call for that. Why do we hate on these guys for wanting to better themselves and have money they never had and be a star player at the next level? I’m a UK fan, and I, along with the rest of the fan base, loved those guys, and we wish the best for them, because they turned our program around in a years time. Wall was an NBA player playing in college, so was Cousins. And to say that these guys shouldn’t go to the pros just because they aren’t getting a college education? Who cares? You don’t need an education when you can do stuff on a ballcourt that they can do. Why waste 3 or 4 years of your NBA career playing in college? I would not if I was in their shoes. And you would not either. Cal is going to get the best of the best every year, and they will win championships, because the talent is going to overwhelm opposing schools. Creature, do you really think that Coach K and Roy Williams don’t want these guys? They do. Its just that, Cal can out-recruit them, straight up, because he has a sales pitch they don’t have. He coaches the top program in college basketball, with nationally televised games galore, extremely loyal fans that want to win as much as the players do, and Cal has a system that allows these guys to show off their talents. Basically its one on one, beat your man. Theres no passing the ball around the perimeter, or making sure every guy touches the ball before they shoot, that doesn’t allow you to show your abilities. Kyrie Irving is a one and done player that will end up playing 3 or 4 years because he wont get to show off his skills, because theres no such thing as an isolation play at Duke. The point guard passes the ball. Period. I’m saying all this because, if those guys wanna go pro, they should, not because they supposedly cant make it in college, but beacause they CAN become superstars in the NBA. Cal is gonna bring the best in, because UK is the NBA launching pad, and the haters can get on the bandwagon or be crushed by it. Take your pick.

  • The Philosopher

    @ The Promise: PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Coach Lee

    @ Promise, My bro I think your missing something here no one is hating on the talent level of the kids nor coach Cal master mind as a coach. What the issue is, is that when is ” money more important than an education” 9 times out of ten the one and dones will not complete there degrees. Yes money is important but what happens to those who wind up with injuries that stop them from playing at all, so now these kids are lefted with education,nothing to fall back on other than a prayer that they end up on ESPN or coaching.Let alone they can’t manage what little money the have earn while in the League, so they wined up has beens and what nots with no real plan now in life bacause there only plan was to make it into the L. Yes for the record I am a UNC fan Tar Heels Baby!!!!!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com UK All Day

    @ Coach Lee. I respect your opinion. However, with the way the economy is, what makes you so sure that these kids will get jobs with that degree? The kids are ball players. That is what they know and love. You’d rather get used by the NCAA for four years instead of one if you were Rose, Evans, or Wall? I do not know about you but I could not stomach to look at my degree knowing that I blew a chance at making a million plus dollars in one year doing what I love to do. I think that you are assumming that all of these kids are dumb. In todays league, the best player on almost every team does not have a degree. Millions of dollars being thrusted into your lap is a major adjustment for anybody. It does not matter if you have a degree or not. In my opinion, punishing all for the plights of few is unconstitutional.

  • Coach Lee

    @ UK ALL DAY, by no means i’m I saying these elite athelets are dumb at all what I am saying is there are not many 18,19 year old kids who are mentally sound for the money the’ll be generating, and I mean parents too. This is why so many have to hire someone else to watch there money that is CRAZY !!!Alli’m saying is at least get an Associates or something, learn how to manage your own $$$$ and not become the next Mike Tyson. Then go into the L the L is going to be there but the window of gaining a sound education may not.

  • The Philosopher

    @Coach Lee: Preach on, preach on!!!

  • http://slamonline.com UK All Day

    @ Coach Lee, you have a point there. Paying somebody you don’t know to look after your money is crazy to me too. When your making that kind of money you can’t trust strangers. I agree. They do need some kind of business degree or something. haha but mike tyson, come on now he’s a once in a life time kind of crazy lol. But I totally get your point.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/college-hs/college/2010/04/marquis-teague-will-be-a-kentucky-wildcat/ mike

    H.A.T.E.R.S….thats all you can say about people of america! louisville fans are just mad they aint gettin the good players and for those of you really hating about one and done coach cal yall are just retarded. Go to a coach whos goin to get you ready for the league in a year potentially or risk going to another school who may not…so your saying take a degree which can always be there or go to the nba and make millions yall know the answer so just do everyone a favor and shut the hell up!